Urgent concern - Disk space suddenly not being used?

Hi there,

As per the screenshot, my disk space used has gone from a significant amount to absolutely zero in the last 24-48 hours.

The only thing that I’ve done differently is that I installed a S.M.A.R.T HDD disk drive checker yesterday to check the quality of the hard drive (only 6 months old and passed all checks).

I’m really worried - is there anything I can do to ‘hard reset’ to get it working again??

I’ve tried restarting the node via the services menu, and also restarting the computer.

Thanks so much for your help - it’s taken so long to build up the data, so I really don’t want it to fail now!

Hi @lookitsbenfb

I’ve forwarded your post to the team and we should have an answer for you soon.

Hi @lookitsbenfb,

It’s the same issue here in this thread: Disk Space TB*h showing 0 for the last 3 days - #11 by Nodemansland.
There’s nothing wrong with your node. The satellite has the data which the node is failing to retrieve frequently so there’s always a two day lag (current day and the day before).
We’re already looking to resolve this.


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