US2 Beta Feedback

I finally got it to work but it works a bit unexpected at least to me.

The share requires at least one uploaded file to be shown. It’s probably the same on the other satellites but I never tried with an empty share on them.

So right after creation of a share, the bucket is not visible reporting an error not found, which I think should be changed. After the first file has been uploaded then the share is showing as expected.

Additional note: While searching for a cause of the reported problem, I have created many Access Grants and deleting them and I need to say that the GUI needs a major overhaul. To me there is no good usage concept behind it.
I give 3 examples:

  1. For the first Access Grant, I get a screen asking for resp. generating a mnemonic sentence resp. asking for a passphrase. For subsequent Access Grants there is no such offering only the option to enter the passphrase. As I don’t see a hierarchy of Access Grants, I don’t see a reason why one gets created differently than the other.
  2. Another thing is if you cancel the creation of an Access Grant right after clicking next in step 1, it gets added to the overview of Access Grants without any further information. So a user has absolutely no clue if at this point a working Access Grant has been created or not.
  3. Access grants cannot be retrieved after creation. While I understand this behavior from a tech standpoint, from a users perspective it would be much more desirable if they could be retrieved or looked up at least for ‘some’ period of time or for example until the browser gets closed.

There are many more examples like this. To me as non technician this GUI looks like some tech guys with a lot of knowledge about the platform have build it without ever thinking of the users who might not have the same level of knowledge.

This is why I believe this GUI needs major rework to suit the users and not the creators of it. But also to reduce risks of unintended leaks, a potential threat that I have tried to bring up here: Are there ways to mitigate (unintended) leaks?

So a non-intuitive GUI like this could turn into a serious issue for the users of the platform. One example for the risks it poses is that when creating an Access Grant all permissions are set to allow for all buckets for forever duration by default. This is a recipe for disasters.

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