US2 Beta Feedback

Welcome everyone to the US2 Beta feedback thread. Please provide your feedback below. Thank you for testing the US2 Beta.

US2 Beta Signup Link -


Unable to access with FileZilla, as posted on an earlier thread


Much appreciate the feedback. For reference here is a link to that earlier post. I see @Alexey sent that to the team.

Thank you for this feedback on the beta and the associated partner connector.


Filled 50gigs worked pretty good for S3 for Nas backup.


I tested the cli all work fine for me upload, create bucket, remove bucket etc



The Get Started button should lead to and not User needs to download the binary first to get started. Current link starts by explaining all the commands.

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Added hint to setup uplink first. It’s on review

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This is free right?

If yes I can upload some data, basicly as much as you wish - if it helps?

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We interested in testing different use cases, the massive upload is fine too. Just remember - it can be deleted after all, so please, do not store viable data.

Thanks Alexey, I will upload that - what do you consider massive?

Since I am sitting on a 10gbit line and I actually could upload 10TB of data. Not to overuse something :slight_smile:


would be surprised is there is not a bottle neck somewhere probably in a spinning disk on 1 end or the other

Unlikely - uploads performed to 110 nodes simultaneously. There is a lot of nodes on Gigabit connections waiting for data.

still has to read 10gbit from drives if its a single drive it probably wont be that fast

It’s never a single drive, you get shards from the nth-fastest ones on the network. (Can’t remember the exact numbers).
It’s heavily parallelised.

To download a file the customer’s uplink requests 39 nodes, as soon as 29 are completed, it cancel others (it need only 29 from 80 to reconstruct the file)

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I signed up, the dashboard tells me I have 50GB.

Can you increase it and confirm that it will be free? I am willing to post some data that I store offline to test. It is nothing that would harm me if its lost. Lets say its purely for testing your network :slight_smile:


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I tried to use FileZilla to connect to US2 using the S3 connector but I’ve failed try as I might.
I give up, I’ll wait until an updated version of FileZilla without the “invalid macaroon version” error…

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Upload Test :

Download Test:

Reply from bytes=32 time=114ms TTL=104
Reply from bytes=32 time=114ms TTL=104
Reply from bytes=32 time=111ms TTL=104
Reply from bytes=32 time=118ms TTL=104



For free FileZilla you need to use Access token, for FileZilla PRO the Gateway-MT:, but you do not need to configure CLI to use AWS-compatible Access Key, Secret key and endpoint.

I have tried but either it is not working or I have no idea what you are talking about.

Please provide a step by step instruction how to make free Filezilla work with the new satellite if you are really interested that users here test it. I will not invest even one more second to try to get this working anymore without a proper instruction.

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