Version 1.14.7 on docker nodes

I wasn’t expecting this, is there a reason for the fast update?IMG_20201012_180909

Got the same thing. Looks like it only includes a few commits to help the satellite deal better with orders processing. As far as I can tell there are no changes to the storagenode between v1.14.4 and v1.14.7.

1.14.7 is not compiled yet, so i thin it some kind of mistype somewhere, acording to there is only 1.14.4

First of all, my apologies for it, it has been my mistake, and thank you so much for reporting it.

We had a 3 patch releases during the weekend for solving a production glitch in the Satellite. Those changes only affect to the satellite.

Today we finished the SN rollout of the version 1.14.4 updating the cursor to 100% so all the Windows nodes will autoupdate to that version. When we roll out the 100% cursor we update the latest docker tag to that release too, however, I made the mistake of updating the latest tag to the version 1.14.7.

That’s why the docker nodes are getting this version, however, there are no new changes for storage nodes between v1.14.4 and v1.14.7.

We are deciding how we align all the nodes to one version or the other.
Thank you for your patience.


Thanks for the update!

Do you need to? Does it matter that a minor version might be different until the next update?

Despite that there is not any difference between rather than the number, we prefer to avoid odds and align all of the SNs to one version.

We are aligning all of them to v1.14.7.


As mentioned from @ifraixedes: