Version 1.20.2 Stefan Benten back?

Due to hardware upgrade I had to reboot today and got a new version of node installed.

I see now surge (I assume that is the minimum payout that wasnt paid) and more over I saw this back:


Is it a error or whats going on, I am 100% sure that sattelite was gone at the previous update?

Did not find a changelog eighter ?

Thank you

storagenode/payout: stefanbenten satellite name added to payout history, satellites with no held history removed from list

Thanks for those links!

Strange, it was gone prior and there shouldnt be any held amounts (it shows 0) but is in the list :slight_smile:

Because it has more bugs then it would be useful. I am planning to mention it in the changelog as soon as the bugs are fixed.

  1. It is hardcoded and will not help when the next satellite gets removed. We need a generic solution. The storage node should remember the satellite name and not hope for a developer to hard code it.
  2. The other 2 lists are still missing the name. I expect to see the satellite in all 3 lists and not just 1 of them.