Very unhappy about how StorJ has handled payouts

I’ve been an SNO for 8 months. I’m on a symmetrical 1gbps line with good uptime and 20+TB to share. I have not received any kind of payout in almost 4 months. The minimal payout I’ve received (13 storj) is frankly a pittance to deal with the upkeep much less the expense of it. Now that Storj is being listed on Coinbase the price has skyrocketed while im stuck with the USD equivalent for when I finally do get paid, hopefully this year (WTF!). Storj should credit the SNO’s with the storj they would have earned has payment been made on the day and time it should have been paid but for eth congestion.

I would have made far more money but taking the extra electricity usage and upgraded internet expense to just buy tokens 8 months ago. When your business model doesn’t actually incentivizes the actual business but mere speculation you’ve done a disservice to your employees, your company, and your customers.

Edit: I’m not sure why this post has been hidden, I guess the mods are tired of seeing the same complaints over and over again but I’m tired of not being paid. I’ll bet 1 storj that i don’t get paid this month either. No i’m not doing a zk transfer because I don’t want to.


I’m getting a little tired of the same discussions over and over again. This is nothing against you personally and I definitely understand the frustration. But in the end this comes down to demanding to have been in the game after the fact. Something you obviously wouldn’t have done if the value were cut in half instead. Speculating on the token and earning money on your node are two separate and independent things.

Storj Labs will pay you exactly what you were owed. That takes care of the “earning money” part of the equation.

If you wanted to speculate on the token you could have bought in a long time ago. You still can if you’re feeling lucky.

What you can’t do is demand to participate in the profit after the outcome is known. That would be like investing after the fact.

I feel for you, but your issue is not with Storj Labs, but with your own choice not to invest.


I’m getting a little tired of the same discussions over and over again.

Well the issue hasn’t been resolved now has it? Until it does the complaints will keep on coming. If i go to McDonalds and get nuggets but they come overcooked and it goes on for months you as a manager might be tired of hearing about it but it’s a continuing failure. “Tough Cookies, deal with it” is hardly an acceptable response.

Storj Labs will pay you exactly what you were owed. That takes care of the “earning money” part of the equation.

Well if it wasn’t for Ethereum issues I would have been paid 3 times in storj which would have appreciated. The holding of payments due to ethereum congestion what not an issue when I started, I never said okay to that. No one asked me that was a unilateral choice by Storj because they did not want to pay inflated fees.


There is no issue to resolve. Storj has always paid in dollar amount. The complaints would be worse if they held back the amount in tokens. Because then they would force market risks on people without an option to opt out. If you wanted to opt in you could have bought tokens. And btw, you could have also switched to zkSync payouts and you would have had the tokens. So you had two options to take on the market effects. Don’t start demanding you want the gains you didn’t opt in for.


There is no issue to resolve.

Yeah there is. The SNO’s aren’t being paid. That’s an issue for a lot of us, probably not you since you’ve been around for a while and probably have a bunch of full nodes and been paid out a lot of sub 30 cent storj but it is an issue. Sticking your head in the sand while waving everyone else away isn’t a solution.


Why didn’t you switch to zkSync? The issue of delayed payouts has been solved with that.


Yes the payout is not best. So in the long run it could be that you got less storj for your earnings but you can get more storj for your earnings, too.

So in the long run it doesn’t matter and for new farmer with less payout its a pain but storj want to use ETH and therefore the payout needs time and ETH has high fees.

Perhaps they should switch to the new chia network coin but I think they made their decission and we have to live or have to leave the network.

As an SNO i don’t like that i run my server 24/7 over months without paying and the new fast way of ETH transactions need to bee changed when changing ETH to dollar or something else. So ETH is not good way for paying but storj want it.

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So we looking at a L3 option here, 6 :chicken: nuggets to a Storj on L2 - certainly interesting, but probably going to be challenge to distribute globally, and expect higher than Eth gas prices for all those pallets and import duties.

I don’t think that’s correct - we can now opt in to L2, you can do it now and still catch the April Payments to get all the USD equivalent safe in your wallet.

I can see your point, don’t get me wrong I would love to think that I had joined 2 years ago in the good times, and now be thinking about what I will be spending my $$2000 on, but I think having SNO payments linked to $$ value is very fair - they are taking the risk of fluctuating blockchain value and not us.

As far as I know, Storj isn’t an exchange, and I don’t think the nodes are a trading platform, and I can see you are sad at loosing the pump in Storj value, but you are free to purchase outside being an SNO - BTC has been performing fairly the last few months, so you could of invested a $ and doubles it by now, or there are plenty of other alt coins to choose from the choice is endless. I think if your expectation is that anything less than 5 nodes is going to cover electricity cost, and hardware and your time in 8 months is very optimistic, but good luck on the rallying :slight_smile:


I understand your frustration, the configuration you are using is an overkill for Storj, the peak bandwidth usage on a node is in the 30mbs and the disk filling rate is about 100GB a month so a 20 TB is going to take years to fill.
Storj want to geographically distribute the data as much as possible and doesn’t need a lot of CPU resources, I think the best configuration is low power CPU with 2-4 TB 2.5" HDD this kind of setup use less than 10W or 7.2 kWh/month or about a $1 to run and bring 5-6 a month, not exactly a quick way to become a millionaire but when the Storj token rise from .10 to $1.70 you can make a few bucks.
In your case if instead of investing let’s say $600 in your beefy configuration you would have invested it in the Storj tokens, you would have earned well over 7000, 8 month ago the token worth .14.
No one has perfect crystal ball to make the best guess on what would be the most profitable, at least Storj pay you barely enough to cover your cost and doesn’t promise anything else.


i will say it does seem a little unfair to only log the usd value when holding back payments because if your due 1 storj now you may only see 0.1 storj equivalent when you actually get paid i see it from both sides but it is open to abuse and profit making on the storj side


Yes, they are being paid.

When we got paid once a month, did you spend 30 out of 31 days crying about “not being paid”?

Do you feel like “not being paid” for your job because the salary isn’t paid hourly?

Speak after me “I don’t like the current payout system and I’m too lazy to try out the new payment option that has been introduced”, but please refrain from this silly “we aren’t getting paid” bs.

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Amount being calculated as USD and then converted immediately before paying:
“Look, STORJ price went up, if you paid me last month I would have had more money!”

Amount being calculated as STORJ and paid once a month or once every two months:
“STORJ price went down! If you paid me last month, I would have sold the tokens immediately and preserved the USD value!”

So, whatever Storj does, some people will complain about it, depending on whether the price of the tokens goes up or down in the mean time, because, obviously, everyone would have predicted the price movement and done exectly the most profitable action (held the tokens or sold the immediately after receiving them.

As I understand, if you use zkSync, you wil get paid every month, whateer the amount. So, if you want to get the tokes as soon as possible, use that. If you do not want the additional hassle of using zkSync and/or prefer to keep the USD value, then don’t use it.

It does not make sense for Storj to pay $20 transaction fee to send you $10 of tokens.


Hi to everyone,

First of all, my english is not quite well. So please, forgive me in advance.

I’m almost a newbie with storj. My node is online since august 2020. I’m not sure how the new payment system works, but i think i will wait and continue with mew wallet to not let my profits stuck in there, due is not possible to connect from zkSync (is not supported in the list in the meantime?).

i would suspect that the law would require them to do the transaction from USD to Storj each month then send the held Storj when its viable also its probably on sticky ground giving it a USD value due to tax because paying someone a USD value worth of something would still be payment in USD equivalent and need to have your country’s tax’s applied

this is not even counting the fact they could buy the coins to pay you then see the pump wait for it to go up then use that peak price to pay less

It’s a bit more complex than your derogatory remark implies. If you don’t have a use for the tokens on L2 and you don’t want to spend them on storj services there is very little point in moving them from storj to the L2 wallet. It really depends on the planned token use for the individual sno plus the amount/value involved.

I cant say that I am not pissed about not having storj tokens seen as storj is now listed on coinbase the token has gone up by some 90%… if i had my payout or and option to be paid out when I want then I would have doubled my mining profit… but as my token is stuck in storj payments I am now at a loss of money.

Please fix this issue storj you can think of something better than holding onto the token atleast give us the option to pull our money out when we like regardless of the fees… its like being held to ransome at the moment as If i dont mind or if my mine goes down will you keep the token owned to me.

Jsut abit pissed

Are you willing to pay for said fees yourself?

It would be good to have the option of being able to move your cash out when you want. Not have it held until it reaches a minumim payout amount to covery the costs… All i am saying is the option should be given to the Storj node operator.

Look i am pissed about this becuase as of today if i was payed the $25 owed to me last month I would have $50 however, as that $25 is now stuck in storj it is now worth $12.5 as I said before Storj Token went up about 90% today as they are now listed on Coinbase…

Storj cant you change the payment options please… can you please move from the to the Token instead. Get payed into a micro whallet hosted in Storj as so we the storj operators can move our token out when the market is good or gain the advantages of what happend today.... This payment option only seems to be benefiting stroj and not the oprators of your network and kind of sucks as its $ amount…

I am sure you can create a scale that will increese the ernings if the network is needing nodes and a decreases when there are two many nodes etc. Something like what is used in other crypto operations…

Still pissed Simon

Again, would you be willing to pay for the fees yourself? Why not have it paid out each day while paying your own fees?

If they owe you 25 USD, you will get paid 25 USD in Storj at the time of payout, not 12.5 USD.

My point is that if i was payed 1 month ago as i should have been i would have $50 now.

We should have the option to be paid out when we want and if fees apply to have that stated.

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