View logs directly in the dashboard

an idea that might be helpful to me.

Could the Dashboard (14002) be extended so that there is a button to display logs directly in the browser? Maybe with a simple filter.

It is much easier to run the dashboard in a tab and check from time to time if everything is ok than to log in to the server and view the logs.

Thanks a lot.

Excellent quality of life improvement suggestion!

Would it be possible to display contents of logs in the dashboard?


i don’t see why one shouldn’t be able to open logs from the dashboard… so long as they aren’t loaded all the time… logs from just a day can be like 60mb+ which then may be loaded every time one refreshes the node dashboard.

i’m using brightsilences awk color log script… not sure if its actually located anywhere else
but i like it… we did kinda highjack the idea from nerdatwork…
and yet that is how it often goes in the world of invention.
but maybe try out his version first :smiley:
its not the first to market that wins out, but the one with the best color scheme lol

Not all the time. It is very convenient if you can monitor the server via the browser instead of having to SSH into it every time and typing awkward commands.

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The recommended way to remotely access dashboard exactly via ssh port forwarding. If you already there, why not run a short script, if you do not want to use commands?

Checking on the server via browser is easier and can be done remotely, e.g. from smartphone when you are not at home.


On webgui / docker in Synology has it done nicely

Something like this would be very nice.

I don’t really consider it a ready to use product as it would require tweaks to make it work with your own setup. So it’s not available elsewhere like some of my other scripts. I suggest interested people just go to the thread you linked.

And all props for the idea go to @nerdatwork


maybe we could get the color log idea and color scheme put into a full screen able thing in the dashboard… that would be awesome…

ofc the colors could be custom so people could do their own color schemes

You can do it yourself using a piece of software called “shellinabox” …
This can be done as a docker container …

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for example here:

Just want to caution; NEVER run something like that exposed to the public internet.

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even the logs on the dashboard might be an issue for some people with the way they use the dashboard directly exposed to the internet…

didn’t consider that…