Waiting for over two weeks to get activation code


How long am I supposed to wait to get my activation code? I signed up to be a node operator over two weeks ago and have not heard anything. The form confirmation said it would take a few days at most.

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Hi @billyfordon welcome to the forum!

Brave. However, I did get the confirmation that my form was submitted, so why would that impact anything?

Note: website seems down now, so can’t try with Firefox to confirm.

Nevermind. It seems to work with Firefox now.

This is crazy though. Someone should really look at that sign up form and fix it so it doesn’t say that it went fine when somehow it magically didn’t work out behind the scenes… :wink:


For the best experience, disable ad blockers and use Chrome or Edge.

10 years ago, one would’ve replied with “rtfm” :slight_smile:

Also, this is the first result the forum search offers:

To be fair, 10 years ago it may have been acceptable to tell users what browser to use for the “best experience”. These days the expectation is pretty much that it works in any browser. It really should be fixed at some point.


Not fixing this is a sign that Storj does not perceive getting more SNOs as important, compared to other tasks they work on.

Or -hot take here- they rely on future SNOs being able to read the documentation, which is a skill needed to run a node anyway.

Of course I agree that it should be fixed asap, but I also have to insist on people rading the docs properly. Were not talking about hundreds of pages.

Probably both are true. The supply side of this equation has never really been a problem for Storj. So I don’t think the onboarding process would have first priority. And some hurdles actually ensures that the first crop of nodes the network is built around consist of more technically gifted node operators, which isn’t really a bad thing either. But the bigger the network gets, the less it matters if a few not so technical SNOs run their nodes into the ground and the easier it should become to install and run a node.

That’s why I said it should be fixed at some point. I don’t think it’s exactly high priority, but at some point it should be more set it and forget it. Perhaps at that point you wouldn’t need a token at all and the identity generation starts automatically after you first start the software. The network isn’t really at that phase yet though.

In the future, the process should look something like this:

  1. create an account of some sort, this is where your email + payout adress are stored
  2. install SN software to your NAS
  3. login to your account
  4. assign a NAS folder and set maximum capacity to be used
  5. profit

Monitoring would be available via the storj website after you logged in to your account.

While I like your idea from a user experience perspective, it would require a centralized server and an account really shouldn’t be necessary.

Since decentralized operation is a core goal, that probably will not fly. This also makes NAT traversal hard to automate.

I would say:

  1. Install software
  2. Forward port
  3. Enter wallet address and optional email address
  4. List locations you want to share with capacity
  5. Profit

The software should then take care of creating identities and running a node per location (checking that there is no more than one location per physical disk)

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I simply think users prefer setting up an account once over fiddling around with payout adress etc. Storj could probably use “Login via Google” or a similar service. As said, this would make a web-accessible dashboard for ALL of your nodes possible which imho would be a really handy tool.

Also, the need for port forwarding is quite the hurdle for less technical users (or people without access to the router/modem they connect to the internet with…) and I’d love to see this be removed (although I don’t see how :slight_smile: )