WD my home duo - help with set up

Hello i have a wd my home duo 12tb. i would like to set it up as host for storj. can someplease help me with this and help me find host on this nas. Thank you

Ive never heard of this being a nas, Are you trying to host it on an external drive though your desktop? A Nas is a standalone PC with its own Operating system running. I believe what you have is only a External hard drive that can connect to your network.

that is what i have. i bought it for a really cheap price. is it possible? thank you for your help

Well Its possible to use it to store data on but its not going to be able to host a node itself, You would need to probably connect to it directly though USB to use it as a storage device. I dont know much about it but it looks like it forces you to use there software to be able to put data on it so that could be a problem.

that is another website with more information about the product. it is a shame as i really wanted to use for a node

Yeah Unfortunately the way its designed is for your network to be able to store data on it. Here is A Nas that is its own standalone system, Nas

is there a list of nas that i can use for storj or any way to know which one i can use so if i see for a good price i will use it for storj. thank you for your help

There’s not an official list that im sure of, But im pretty sure the one I linked can host, Really any Nas that has a decent cpu inside of it. Theres a few users on here that use a Nas as a host you can check out Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s) theres a few people that posted theres. Pretty much google is your friend and see if they support docker install on them.

Almost any NAS with docker and ssh, at least 1 CPU and 1GB of RAM can be a storagenode host.

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Looks like these My Cloud devices can run docker containers so also a storagenode

It actually looks like the “Home” variants won’t run docker…