Web dashboard. Make header and footer not sticky

I’ve noticed that on the web dashboard, the header and footer never move as you scroll and they always take up space on the screen regardless of what part of the page you are viewing. Is this really necessary or beneficial?

Here is a screenshot that shows what the dashboard looks like when viewed from my phone in landscape mode.

As you can see, the main content of the dashboard is reduced to just a sliver due to the phone status bar, browser UI, and dashboard header and footer all taking some space.

I’m not a huge fan of sticky elements on websites, especially when viewed on a mobile device.

My suggestion is to make the header and footer not sticky so that they scroll with the rest of the dashboard, leaving more room for the main content of the page on the screen. This is just my personal preference. What does everyone else think?


Yes, please.

Header has one useful refresh button, but footer serves no purpose and has no business being on screen all the time.

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I agree, I do not usually keep my browser windows large and the header and footer take a lot of space.

yeah i think we can move this directly to a vote…
been annoyed about this for a while…

@Alexey what do you think… this one going to a vote?

Voting has been enabled.

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Also, I think navbar can be optimised to be more compact.

Just a one minuta change using chrome inspector, not even close to be what it can be:

With more CSS and SVG changes I’m pretty sure it can be optimised to be as comfortable and usable as the one we have now, and using less % of screen.

Edit: It’s just an idea. I have no problem with current dashboard, I like it.

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To be fair, maybe the voting system should have a vote no option as well for the people who like it the way it is. I guess the comments work for that as well if Storj team reads the thread.

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thats an intreesting take. the voting module is just what comes out-of-the box, but I can definitely think of situations that a yes/no would be suitable

Should the “sticky” header/footer be removed from the Dashboard ?

  • Agree to both, remove the header + the footer
  • Partially Agree, remove only the header
  • Partially Agree, remove only the footer
  • Disagree: it should remain the same

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Thanks, and to clarify, the suggestion is not to actually remove the header/footer from the dashboard but to un-stick it so it can move with the rest of the dash board when you scroll up and down. The wording on the vote choices might cause some people to think we’d loose the header and footer all together which is not the case.

good catch. I think lets leave it intact for time being since people alread voted. If it seems suitable, i can always make another poll in future. thanks @Mark

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