What happend to the pyaout for Dec and Jan


As per the minimum payout, when the payment will proceed??



Yeah, I know about the update. But when?

payouts will occur in the first half of month

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Seems like they had a bunch of transactions out of their wallet earlier today : https://etherscan.io/tokentxns?a=0x303edcd8dbe1607fe512d45cc15d3e41fa4db44b

Lowest value of this batch is 75$, so it seems that anything under that didn’t make the cut for this month’s payout.

Communication about the minimum amount for a month’s payout would be nice, I understand it’s in relation to transaction fees, but communicating a clear threshold for a month would be helpful for everyone so we won’t have to do some guesswork.

Same thing about the payout date, it always seems arbitrary… what actually triggers the payout? Is it the mood of the team or waiting for a specific phase of the moon? Or worse, betting on a Storj price raise to pay less token? Just saying, being clearer on how you decide to pay at a specific time would remove those doubt, or better fix it in time, or even better bake it in a smart contract.

Overall I like Storj, it pays well and the tech is nice, but let’s be honest, the way payouts are handled could really use some improvements, or at the very least better communication.

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My main concern is: I want my Decembre and January payout “stored” in STORJ until I finally get paid, not USD! It would make me really mad to lose the huge price gain that occured in the meantime.


The satellites should complete invoicing and include all orders from storagenodes, so they are waiting at least 48-96 hours for storagenodes to complete orders, then invoicing to the customers, then reporting for payout and finally - start of payout (preferable during workdays).
The payout period is the first two weeks of each month.
The price of the token doesn’t matter and doesn’t considered in the payout script as a trigger, you are paid in USD denominated in STORJ tokens on payout date (every 5 minutes intervals).

Buy some tokens if you think the value will go up. Simple fix.

Now consider if it were the other way around and you were trying to avoid a loss if Storj value goes down? There would be no way to prevent that. Hence why payout is held in USD and you’re getting paid exactly what you were promised no matter the Storj value fluctuations.