What is Suspension, Audit and Online?

What have i done wrong?

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Was your node offline for long time ?

No more than 1 hour. It restart in the next month?

uptime across all satellites should be more evenly distributed. This seems very strange.


but is it going to reset in the next month?

I don’t think it resets each month. It should slowly recover with time, little by little, as long as your node stays online.

But I agree with @kevink, it should be evenly distributed, and if it was offline only for 1 hour, it clearly shoudn’t have caused a 0% score on one satellite… something else is off I think. Not sure what it could be :confused:


ok ty for the info, im new on this

Hello! If you file a support ticket over at https://support.storj.io/ with your node id and any other information you have about the network your node is set up with (IP, etc), we can try and see what’s being seen from the Satellite side. Thanks!


If your node is very new the fluctuations in numbers even for a one hour downtime can be big. At least that’s what I’ve noticed with my new nodes and downtime.

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