What is the BEST WALLET

Which is the best wallet either because it charges very few commissions or because you can exchange coins for others without being charged.

I use exodus and there is no commission for this wallet, There is fees for any wallet, there is no such thing as exchanging a coin without paying any type of fees doing so.


Two things, how can i change the wallet now (after doing the node), and it support basic attention token(BAT)?

You would just change the wallet address in the config file, Then restart your node and you would have a new wallet address. Exodus supports many coins yes it does support Bat coins. And you can exchange inside the wallet.

the config file is the “storagenode.log”?

No its the config file config.yaml

Ok, thanks, i need to reboot the node now?

yes if you want the new wallet address to take place.

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I just started using MetaMask and I have to say that it’s very sleek. You can swap a multitude of coins straight from the wallet albeit with high fees at the moment…but that’s not a wallet issue.

Hey bro, i have a question to exchange i want to hold ether? or i only need hold ether to send?

myetherwallet.com or Ledger hard wallet that also works with MEW is a great solution.

I use Atomic, it’s great.


I use Atomic Wallet too, but I would simply say “it works” :wink:
It’s damn slow to refresh values and charts, and fees are high if using their embedded exchange.

But it’s an offline wallet, it handles hundreds of crypto currencies and the UX is nice.

So all in all, I’m happy with it.

Same here. I do occasionally exchange currencies so a wallet with lower fees might be preferable… But it simply works and is reliable and I own all the keys.

I just use Exodus and i am verry happy with it :slight_smile:

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I also use Exodus. Regular updates and easy operation on the PC and smartphone.

I am also using exodus and I‘m happy with it so far

Thank you everyone guys

I tried both now and Atomic is a lot cleaner and easier to use imho. The exchange rates are of course just estimates but Atomic actually gave me a better exchange rate (estimation) than Exodus.
However, even if I wanted to use both, I can’t because I can’t simply import my private key for the eth wallet in Exodus, I’d need to move my funds to the address in Exodus… So not going to do that. But my BTC are available in both (since I used my seed backup).

I would definitely have to say the Numio app- on iOS & Android!

Also supports STORJ on zkSync. It’s sweet!