What is the status of November payouts?

Seems like the November payout is running late this month. It would be appreciated if there was an announcement when payouts start.

Link - SNO Payment mega-FAQ

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Hi @mdmeyerpfa ,

@Stob is right
The target window for payouts is between the 4th and 15th of each month.
We are currently still within that target window for all SNO payouts.

If there is ever any anticipation of change or delay, Storj will always communicate that to the SNOs.

Also, if you ever have an issue not receiving payout within that window please do let us know right away and we will resolve it.


dont worry, I have seen that Storj stransfered money for peyout yesterday, but i think payouts no hapened because big token variety yesterday, also transfer fees was around 200-250 Gwa
for example now it 30-35


Hopefully the Tokens are not on FTX :slight_smile:

dont wory transactions already mooving, I already got on ZKsynk, just minut ago, so otheres will get money soon

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Please refer to our latest Token Flow report regarding our STORJ token lockup tranches and hot wallets management. Storj Labs does not gamble with its Token reserves, none of which are put at risk on any centralized exchange.


status is… storj company choice of payment time like a god. i lost about 20% while wait l2>l1 transfer :slight_smile:

Yeah! (Looks around the general Crypto scene.) i’m a thinkin’ payments might be a bit on the slow side today…

Lots of people trying to cash out causing gas prices to rise.

Not in a rush or worrying too much, was just going to let it sit there till closer to Christmas anyway. :smiley:

just dont run exchange it, time is very good, it is in the lowest point of price, i think if we wait a litle, will get 20%+ or more.


Just got mine, so I’d say they’re coming.

My goodness, my wallet doubled

I also received the payment on zksync but the dashboard of node 1.66.1 still does not update. The 1.65.1 node dashboard updated with the October payment