What is "trash"?

What is trash? I’ve learnt that it empties automatically every 7 days, but was wondering why it is there if it can automatically be deleted?

Your question has been answered many times before…


That’s not my question, I’m just asking what is trash. I’m just trying to understand why it doesn’t get deleted immediately.

If you click the link I posted. The first linked thread within answers your question…

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I did check over that post, but I didn’t see that one. PS: Searching this forum for “what is trash” comes up with nothing useful.

I don’t have a list of all the answers, all I did was use the forum search :man_shrugging:


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Well, it didn’t come up when I searched for it earlier.

Some said that trash appears when your node lose “the race” and you have uploaded but not accepted files.

not only, see

Okay, that’s clear. But is it true that garbage is generated when downloading a file when the node “loses the race”?

yes, it could, if node could get the whole piece right before canceling. If it was in a temporary state, it will be deleted immediately upon cancellation.