What to do with the earned STORJ tokens?

Hi Guys,

I have 3 months to go until my 15th month on STORJ, and I want out~~. I will gracefully terminate my node in 3 months. I have read this page about exchanging STORJ tokens:

I have checked the websites from this page and do not understand a thing. So I thought I will just sell (you) my STORJ tokens. I think the total will be around US$20. Accepted payments are: US ACH, SEPA EUR, or Paypal. You can get them for -20% of market value (in exchange you will have to guide me for the process).
I am planning ahead: this is for AUG 2021 or later//
You can message me and I will give you my Node Dashboard URL~~

If I may… for the mere $20, you’d get for selling them now… why not keep hold of them and see if they become more valuable in a few months or a year or so?
Crypto is generally going through a rough time right now but there is a possibility your STORJ may be worth significantly more in the future…


If you think STORJ tokens will be worth more in the future: why not put your mouth in action and buy them from me?..

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This is not gonna fly. If you don’t have any ether yet, you’d have to pay for at least 2 transactions at which point the remaining value will be near 0 anyway. There is also no way to do this transaction securely. Either you have to trust someone else to send you money after you’ve sent them the tokens or the other way around. I suggest you just figure out how to sell them yourself and see if it’s even worth the trouble. We’ll be happy to help you get that done if you can say where you got stuck.

I’m also a little confused how you only have $20 after 15 months, did you share very little space?

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That is my problem: I have no understanding of ether and all of that…

I am relying on the P2P ability of STORJ (which does exist, right?). On the trust side of things: if the user is coming from this forum and has signed up at least before me I will be happy to trust that person and send the STORJ before getting paid.

I have put up 2.3TB of space on a 3TB server~. Only 1/2TB has been used by STORJ. At the moment I have 10 STORJ tokens paid up, and around $10 pending/undistributed. So I estimate that the total will be $20~

Are you saying that I will never see those $20 due to sending fees?..

Jesus, sorry I posted! :roll_eyes:


You could wait for the ETH 2.0 release and hope for much lower transaction fees. Then you can liquidate your tokens much more efficiently and hopefully also with an increased value :wink:

But this may need some time…

This doesn’t add up :thinking:

After a whole year you should have had your node full. And even before that.
Maybe something’s going wrong with your node and you’d like to investigate why it does not perform as well as it should? If you’re willing to do so, the first thing to do would probably be checking the logs for warnings/errors, and telling us more about your setup/internet connection/hardware :slight_smile:

As a side note by the way: You do not have to wait for the 15th month to graceful exit. Currently, it’s allowed to do it after 6 months which makes it possible to graceful exit from all satellites but the US2 sat’ which is too new (~4 months old). Just so you know.


Hahaha, don’t worry: I think your comment is in the head of many people. And my answer still stands~.
In any case: if the buyer of (my) STORJ tokens gets richer later on, then it’s an even greater opportunity (for that buyer) to profit (from me).

I do not even know about the current version of ETH, hahaha… According to this page it is scheduled for this year:

I cannot decide how the network uses my node, can I?

My uptime is 430h 47m @ 100% uptime. The lowest uptime I have seen on the dashboard when I checked was always above 98%. Connection is 100Mbps. It is running in Docker: if you give me the command to run I will post the results back. I have used my server more than expected and I currently have 845GB of free disk space (although I could lower the usage if I can see STORJ taking more data in).

I have no payout from US2 so I guess I am fine~

I see what you mean: I have logged into MEW and if I want to Send transaction and I select STORJ tokens as the source it says in red: Not enough Gas to send.
I can see this Transaction Fee: ~17.00 Gwei Cost 0.0003570357 ETH = $0.83
So I guess your 2 transactions are referring to: 1) sending Gas to me, then 2) outward again (sending the STORJ along with it~)? At the current rate the round-trip transaction fee is less than $2.
What a dumb system that is… :hear_no_evil: P2P my arse: even throwing a stone is easier than all this circus.

In the light of the current discussion: I am ready to just hand out my entire wallet (MEW account + keyfile + password). No need to pay for gas, the tokens can remain there as long as you want.

hi folks. Community Manager here. First, I want to say that we love to see members making meaningful connections with each other. thanks for always being so excellent

however in the interests of transparency, when I saw that thread, I must admit that I wasnt sure what to do, because the company works so diligently to be scrupulous around token compliance. Im not a legal expert and honestly don’t know if having a discussion around selling tokens on a company-run platform is an issue or not. So (again) in total transparency: if this thread is deemed to be an issue by our compliance folks, it may be removed. This would not be intended as censorship, merely as prudence in a bleeding edge area.As I said, Im not a legal expert so Im not well equipped to debate the merits, but I dont want anybody here to feel singled out or surprised f that does occur :slight_smile:

thanks for understanding, and keep being amazing


Hi jocelyn: I have reworded this topic, I am not selling my tokens anymore but my wallet, specifically: the access to it + the content. While not being a legal expert either: a wallet is not an equity security nor a token.

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While I believe you are probably genuine, I do share @jocelyn’s concern. You can never really sell your wallet because you would still have the key as well. This is exactly how scams would go down. Take the money, wait to see whether more assets get moved to the wallet. Run away with everything.

I’m not saying that is your intention, but I am saying that allowing these discussions here is probably a bad precedent in that context. So I would again encourage you to either sell them yourself or wait until costs are low or token value has gone up for it to be worth it more.

You can change the key + password once you get access, as explained here:

No need to say that once changed I cannot get access to it, so the sale/transaction is possible without the need of the (stupid) gas.

I am not expecting a buyer to show up instantly, this is why I have planned ahead.

Because this forum is about helping people instead of getting mad rich with one’s elbows out.

Way to reply like that, man.

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This is exactly my point: as a fellow Node Operator~ help me out to find a buyer/way out - the distress is on my side…