What to do with the earned STORJ tokens?

You can’t change the key, only the password to your local key store. There would be no way to revoke your access.

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Are you saying that I can have and use the same key encrypted with different passwords?..

Just post your private keys here and you are as “out” as it gets…

What a great help~ thank you. :+1:

The password only protects your locally stored key. The key itself is tied to your wallet. So yes, you would still have access.

Wow… ok let me try this now!

Meh… you are right: now I have two keys with different passwords and both can access the same wallet… this is “amazing” :face_vomiting:

What can I do now?.. :sob:

Help me out on the “sell them yourself”: how can I do it if I have no ether/gas?.. I really feel stuck now.

Sell it yourself, get an account at an exchange that supports Storj, buy some eth to send to the wallet, send the tokens back to the exchange and sell everything. Now that may not currently be worth it. If that’s the case, just hold on to it. Check again in a year. You may be surprised at the value then. And when eth2.0 goes live, transaction fees will likely be lower too.

Nobody should take you up on this deal, it’s shady. Intentions don’t matter. At best they are just taking on your burden of having to try to move the tokens and paying all the fees.

Alternatively, we could try and help you figure out what’s going on with your node. @Pac was right, your numbers don’t add up. 2.3TB should get you about 6.50 per month. You should have at least 3-4x what you say you have. You could just keep it running until the amount is more significant and it would actually be worth it to sell the tokens yourself.



  1. as of today: which exchange would you recommend?
  2. when eth2.0 goes live: can the current wallet be migrated/converted into eth2.0 without the need of ether/gas?
  3. do you want me to message you my dashboard URL? Or which command shall I run? (I am running the node in Docker)
  4. where and how can I buy $2 worth of ether/gas?

Hi. I have some eth. Send me your receive address. Do not send your key!


Oh that is super kind of you! :heart: Do you mind if we postpone this once I have gracefully exited my node + got all the STORJ token paid out?.. I will message you now then!

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Your node looks to be in good shape. How fast or slow is your internet?
I’ve sent the eth, don’t worry about paying it back. If you follow the address back you can see I don’t need it

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It is a server with a 100Mbps connection~ while there is some traffic running along with the node I think there is plenty of usage possible.

Thanks a lot! :heart_eyes: I will contact you again once my node has exited :+1: I really don’t mind clearing all of my balance back to you~~

I will post back updates here for everyone else + @BrightSilence can still answer (for other readers + I sincerely believe my concerns are genuine).

@andrew2.hart you have sent me too much~~ :astonished: Thanks again! :pray:
I will let you handle my wallet at the end, I am too scared to mess up the transfer and especially to leave some credits in that wallet~~

For the record, I too detest that Storj Labs chose crypto for payments but understand the reasons behind it.
Crypto, especially tokens, is still complicated and expensive to use and run in a way that a “normal” person expects currency to work.


@ACarneiro : thanks for your follow-up. I knew what I had signed up to 1 year ago, I understood that I will be paid with STORJ tokens without thinking too much about the unloading time (I will cross that bridge when I get there). I guess if you like crypto and enjoy reading and learning about it (for hours) then you get the best of the both worlds (@BrightSilence knows so much!). I was believing in a lot of myths prior to the interactions in this thread~~. @andrew2.hart saved the day!

It seems strange at first but just remember that it is magic money made from unicorns and wishful thinking…just like the dollar, the euro and and the gbp.
It is worth what everyone thinks it’s worth. Eol

NiceHash trades STORJ-BTC and their commissions aren’t that bad. Just the GAS cost to get them there.

I have looked at STORJ, FILECOIN and CHIA but non of them seem consistently profitable. Can you share some of your experience with STORJ over the past year or so. Anyone else that is making decent, steady profits, can you also share your perspectives?

I make a steady income of $30-40 with my nodes and they get sent directly to an exchange. So if I wanted to, I could convert them to USD/EUR immediately and withdraw them from the exchange. Almost no fees involved (at least I think the SEPA withdrawal on bittrex has no costs attached, haven’t tried it yet…).
Income in a crypto environment can hardly get more steady than that.