When will the stefan-benten testdata be deleted?

I have 3 full nodes. The largest one received a few deletes (but I’m not sure they even are from stefan-benten) and gets some new data occasionally.
The other 2 nodes don’t receive any delete operations and are stuck full since over a month now.
If this continues, it makes more sense for me to do a graceful exit on one node and start with a new identity because there is no difference between one month of vetting and one month of a full node that doesn’t even get downloads.

Note: The goal is not to maximise my profits. It’s to get rid of all that useless testdata… Since my nodes are full since multiple month, there is no customer data on those 2 nodes.

You can try to run a graceful exit command and you will see, how much customers data of each satellite you node have

I’ll gladly take your extra data. I don’t care that it’s not downloaded, I have the space and it’s still paid. You can graceful exit just the stefan satellite if you want. But be aware, there is no way back. When you’re out, you’re out for good. And who knows, maybe Stefan has interesting plans with it as a community satellite.


It wouldn’t be a problem if one node is gone from stefan-benten since I got 2 other nodes that would accept new data (once they get empty…)

might be something to consider then, pump that data onto other nodes with more space. Mine is ready for it. :wink:

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I am wondering this as well. My node currently has a total of 563.0 GB of stored files. 257 GB (45%) of those files are in the Stefan blobs folder. For a while the Stefan satellite was deleting its files as they said they would but that process seems to have paused. Will it resume?

Stefan-benten satellite has not been deleting files since at least March 11th (I started monitoring requests from each satellite then, so I do not have any data from before).
I pretty much only see GET_REPAIR and PUT_REPAIR requests from it.

How are the expert opinions today? It is useful to “kick” Stefans satellite for more space for real data?


how’d you get that printout of space used on a satellite by satellite basis?

This is what graceful exit shows when you run it.

But if you don’t target any satellites after this display, no exit will be started. :wink:

It will be not bad, if we get a command for check the spaces without to risk/start a graceful exit.

I wouldn’t do that, my node is getting about 7mbps of egress from that satelite :slight_smile:


I agree. I also have most of my nodes egress traffic from the stefan-benten satellite. If I haven’t misunderstood that satellite will download and delete the data soon. That means that you will get loads of egress of that. That might be whats happening right now? You will miss out on that if you exit now, since you then have to send all your data to other nodes without being paid for it.

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No (or very few) deletes from that satellite yet, but they may be planning to just use garbage collection to delete everything in one go.

I don’t even get downloads from stefan-benten but maybe the data on my node is too old and doesn’t get downloaded yet…
I did a graceful exit on 2/3 of my nodes for stefan-benten because all were full and I wanted to make space for customer data.
If you have only one node, don’t do a GE on stefan-benten because that satellite might still be used for something else afterwards, nobody knows. But if you do a GE, you’re out of whatever STORJ might plan with that satellite.


Most of my nodes are full of testing data and don’t have egress trafic anymore, so I was thinking the same as Kevink.
With current version, can I make a GE with a node old only of a couple of months ?

I think your node still has to be older than 6 months but they wanted to make that higher again.

Thanks. So I can’t GE right now.
Even in vetting period, I was earning more than now, that’s frustrating.
I really hope this « sleeping data » will be used in a near futur.

Looks like Stefan-benten satellite just came “back to life”…seeing a lot of deletes from it. Excited to see what they’re going to use this satellite for in the future!

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Hello @dragonhogan. Could you please share tools/technics you use to distinct stefan-benten traffic/deletes/activities from other satellites activities?