When you join the storj partner program are there any technical requirements?

Hey everyone, we are currently considering storing our data on storj. We have PB’s of data. Before we are joining the partner program I wanted to ask if there are any technical requirements for us. Can we still use the s3 api or is there any sdk we are forced to use then? We want to be the technical hurdles when we act as a partner as low as possible!


Oh hello. I’m just a SNO, but I can assure you that we would love to store your data! :grin:
And I am sure you will receive some good replies to your questions on here.
Let’s see who can we ping to get you some attention:


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One of these things is not like the others…
I’ll leave it to the experts. But I do agree with your statement that I will gladly fill up my nodes with that data.

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:
Yes, think about that…

It’s night time for most people you mentioned. Give em a minute, I’m sure they’ll respond.

@till_dcs: In the mean time you could have a look here for whether the answer you’re looking for is available or otherwise submit a support ticket at the top. That will probably get your question to the right people more quickly. https://supportdcs.storj.io/

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SNOs don’t sleep… :yawning_face:

Hello @till_dcs ,
Welcome to the forum!

There is no special technical requirements, but you need to contact the Partnership Team: Become a Storj Partner and Start Earning


So we can go with our PB’s of data through your s3 API? @Alexey

You can use all methods available to customers. Fill out the form at Become a Storj Partner and Start Earning and the team can help get you what you need to be successful.

edit: @Alexey is too fast for me. :wink:

Yes, you can. Just try it!
Please take a look on Hotrodding Decentralized Storage for optimization options.

But it’s better to contact the Partnership Team, they should give you a code to Configure Tools for the Partner Program | Storj Docs and answer on all your questions right away.
Here we can help to configure your tools, if you still have questions.


Thanks alot @Alexey you are the man!


You had me/us at PB :).

My name is Dominick and I’m a solutions architect at Storj. Long story short I’m your technical contact and would love to support your onboarding. We have a few options for ingesting all that data.

S3 Endpoint - this results in a 1:1 upload, this is a good alternative to the native Web3 method if egressing from a cloud that charges egress or if you have a limited internet connection. We have the capacity to support this method.

Uplink CLI/Native - This is the ideal Web3 path. You will have a 1:2.76x upload multiplier (If you want to upload 1PB you will actually upload 2.76PB due to erasure encoding, we only charge for that 1PB). Benefits are 0 use of our edge and you are the custodian of your private keys. If you have >10Gb/s internet connection this will work well.

Happy to do a call and walk you through all your options. Lets get uploading ;).


@jammerdan Please don’t take the silence personally
My ISP has finally seen fit to restore service to our area and I’m catching up now on many things including the forum


Hey @Dominick glad that you are willing to support us! We have applied for the storj partner program 1 week ago and got no response so far, can you maybe send me a DM so we can schedule a call?

I don’t, don’t worry. But it’s a bit of bad luck, when somebody with PBs of data expresses interest in using Storj in the forum and nobody is around to help. :cry:

I’m on a mission to figure out why there was not a prompt response. We are very busy, regardless we should always reach out ASAP. Rest assured we will sort this and I am of course standing by to provide support in getting started.


Was a form flow issue, this has been resolved and an email should be going out to @till_dcs.


Yes. Fortunately, it is all well in hand now.
We always to our best to attend to the forum round the clock

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I know. that’s why I was wondering nobody was around.

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