Where's the Node Manager?

SNOs need a manger to alert them that a given node needs attention. If a node is down over 5 hours a month then my reputation is ruined and who knows what happens then. I still have no idea of how to find my reputation on Linux. With multiple nodes I am not going to check them every 4 hours just in case.
When will Storj provide us with a Manager???

You can add your idea or vote for existing here: https://ideas.storj.io
You can look at audit ratio with this script: Script for Audits stat by satellites
For open/closed port you can use the https://uptimerobot.com
Also, we implemented a node offline notification system using the email address of your node.


That is new to me, when has that been implemented?

I skipped adding an email adress when setting up the node, can I just edit one in the config file?

Here’s the tutorial.


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This works just amazingly, thanks a ton!

So I don’t have to store my email adress on the node itself, which is great.

Recently, it’s not ideal at the moment. If you have a lot of abandoned nodes, you will receive a lot of notifications

Never mind, I just set up Uptime Robot which I prefer over storing my email adress on 24/7 online machines anyway :slight_smile:

You can use any special email address, only for notifications like this

Yes of course, but I’m gonna use Uptime Robot’s Telegram notifications for now

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