Who needs some free initial ETH?

if you need some initial eth send me your address

Thank you :slight_smile:
Actually, I did another way, thank you.

Mining:- a way to turn electricity into money.

Добрый день! Меня зовут Михаил, я новичок. В SNO начиная с мая 2020г. У меня есть MEW кошелек. И есть 132.46 STORJ. Как мне получить 132.46 STORJ в долларах??? Я немного не понимаю.
Моя система: synology RS2416+. Объем HDD 12x4Tb (24Tb - RAID 1+0). Под SNO выделил 15Tb.

You need to sell the storj token. This thread is about the need to have some eth to allow converting or selling storj .

You can’t do much with your wallet unless you have some eth.

The current prices for doing transactions are very high and would eat most of your storj so I suggest you wait, however, I can send you some eth if you really want?

Интересно. А сколько примерно я потеряю, если переведу 132.46 STORJ = xxxxx dollars. ???

Transactions are at $2.70 for me to send some eth then another $2.70 for you to send to the exchange, then whatever fees they add on.
I don’t know that bit.
Then another transaction assuming you want to pay me back in some way (optional)

Получается, что все мы здесь зарабатываем виртуальные деньги, потому что при сумме всех транзакций можно потерять более 50% заработанных денег?

The transaction costs are high at the moment, which means that small transactions are not cost effective.
I hope it doesn’t get worse

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Hi, after a few months as SNO I´ve enough in my wallet to explore the next step. Trying to move some crypto.
Can somebody lend me a little bit of ETH, I would very much appreciate it.

Send me your wallet address by PM


You are too kind!

Have you ever received anything back yet?

I just want to remind everyone you helped out that you deserve to receive the value you provided them in return. :+1:


Hi bright silence,

In the beginning I got some (=one) back but I don’t think th guy understood what to do with it anyway. But in general, no, Did noch get much back. But meanwhile fees were way up high, maybe people had not earned enough yet :wink:

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Hello people,
I thought the purpose of this thread was to provide some collaboration within the community. The impossibility of managing cryptos obtained without gas is a real problem. I don’t think anyone understands this as an obligation, the idea seems good to me and I am willing to continue the “chain of favors” once I manage to handle the transactions. I have never done any and after half a year I think it is time to take that next step … there is little point in continuing to accumulate storj in a wallet if I do not learn what to do with it.

I don’t know how to take your comment B. but it seems somewhat aggressive to question good will. Maybe I’m misinterpreting, I guess? I’m just asking, of course it’s okay if no one wants to continue this idea. I personally have every intention of returning the favor.

About the fees, obviously there is something that I am not understanding. Today I find the data that the cost for a fasttransaction (1minutte) is about 100gwei [https://ethgasstation.info/] That amount to a value if I’m not mistaken of currently 0.0019 USD, 20% of a penny. How Is this too high? I guess there are other added costs or something i´m missings.

thanks again

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The gas price is one variable of the transaction cost. The other variable is the gas limit.

A simple transaction has a gas limit of 21,000 … a trade on a DEX requires interacting with a smart contract and the gas limit runs anywhere from 165,000 to 250,000 depending on the pathway taken to the target token.

At the moment, I’m showing an average gas price of about 40.0 gwei … which translates to a DEX trade transaction cost of about $3.60 USD

The gas price is just like gas at a pump. The transaction fee is how far you’re going to drive. A gallon of gas might cost $2.50 USD … but a 300 mile trip at 25 MPG is going to require 12 gallons of gas and cost $30.00.

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I am still handing out free initial eth to anyone who has some storj in their wallet


Добрый день! Уважаемые участники STORJ, я накопил 339 storj, так же у меня есть в телефоне MEW wallet на котором 0. Я живу в Russia: Vladivostok и как мне проще поменять storj на eth и затем eth перевести в dollars и затем уже перевести на свою банковскую карту ???.


Буду очень благодарен. Я джентльмен. Не сомневайся я верну.