Why asia-east-1.tardigrade.io online is 0%?

Hi guys,

Pls refer to my image, why my asia-east-1.tardigrade.io online is 0%?



I can’t see an image?

I can, it says 0% in red

this seems oddly like this one


all my online score indicators look fine tho, maybe a 1.18.x version update issue?

More like an ISP/router issue which prevent to communicate the Asia satellite with that node.
The online score is falling when the satellite is come to audit your node but the node is not responding. In such a case the node considered as offline.

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the other guy with about the same issue(link i shared), claims that his online score dropped from 98% to near zero in a day or less… sounds sketchy… but i duno

i don’t suppose that is possible?

It’s possible if something completely block the traffic between satellite and node. Every single audit will be offline. Since in this case the counter is windowed, the count in this window will quickly drop to zero.

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kinda like the old issue with disk disconnects causing DQ
the node is online but not working correctly and breaks many windows…

i was sort of just figured offline counted for the same thing… but i guess then audits doesn’t really break the windows or whatever.

well that would suggest his node might be in bad shape…
the other guy not this one…

I think the question is why is the online % falling but not suspension % if there is an issue on that satellite. Cause if the satellite is being blocked shouldn’t it cause it to be suspended as well.

The suspension is happened when your node is answering on audit request but return an error instead of piece. And the error should not be “file not found”, in the last case the audit considered as failed immediately.
So, your node do not response either.

So in other words if the OP blocked that satellite somehow they could by pass the audits?

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They will not pass audits. They will be offline and affect the online score. After enabling of disqualification for downtime such a node will be suspended, and if it’s not able to recover in the next 7 days, it will be disqualified.

Ahh that makes sense so they would hurt there selfs in this case.

Of course. It’s by design. The only matter of time when the suspension for downtime will be enabled

i suppose there are a lot of semi popular software today that could quite easily block an ipaddress by mistake…

But, why only one satellite dropped to 0% online? My ISP blocked that satellite? I have third party monitoring enabled, the overall uptime is quite decent.

Pls have a look at https://stats.uptimerobot.com/9OxG9hm30j

What happens if you trace route from that machine to that satellite?

It’s a little bit different. The ISP or your router could block the traffic between that satellite and your node.

Is this a new nodes cause you don’t have alot of uptime. Did you just start using uptimerobot? And you have alot of downtime.

This is what mine looks like.

SH-STORJ1 is my new node, it locates in Shanghai China. Seems an outage on 4 Dec, but I have no idea what happened over there.

SG-STORJ locates in Singapore. There was an ISP network outage on 4 Dec.

It will beyond my control if the ISP blocks something, that will be too sad. :thinking: