Why my dashboard is not working?

I type the ip but the page stays blank

You are missing the port.

No I’m not it just the browser that hides the port look in another browser

That looks better. Now make sure you have opened port 14002. Please keep in mind that localhost or is not the same as your internal lan ip. You might be running the dashboard on localhost only.

Yes I checked at open port checker and it’s open. I have just seen that docker is not working.


sudo docker ps

Ok now it appears and the docker container is running but the dashboard continues without working

What does the docker container say? Do you even have the dashboard enabled to connect to?

Yes I have connected before it says is working 34hours ago

Did you enable a firewall on the pi? Are you trying to connect to the dashboard on a local network?

I’m on a local network. No I didn’t put any firewall

Please, try this command:

curl -L localhost:14002/api/sno

On the Raspberry Pi:

  • Become root with a shell:

sudo -s

  • Ensure the docker image is running:

docker ps

  • Check to make sure the port is open for listening:

netstat -ln |grep 14002

  • Check iptables rules for correct docker rule set:

iptables -L

Yes the image is running and this is what i get from the other two commands

Everything looks good from the Raspberry Pi side…

Just one thing left to check…

  • Sanity check the IP address of the Pi:

ip a

  • And check routes for good measure:


And make sure it’s the same as what you’re putting in your browser… and make sure you are connecting across the same LAN subnet rather than WAN or a different LAN subnet.

If all that checks out… then there’s got to be some router and/or host configuration issue on the connecting client.

everything is ok and im connecting to the right ip

look what it says when i try to open the terminal dashboard

sudo docker exec -it storagenode /app/dashboard.sh
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?

Please, try to do:

sudo systemctl restart docker

And if i run the command that says to run