Will be leaving Storj some time this month - but not for any fault of Storj

As many of you may know I am an Australian but have been living in Russia the last few years.
I’m married with two young girls aged 5 and 7. You will all be aware that the political situation here is deteriorating fast and the country is becoming increasing isolated… I would love to say more but to say anything at all can now get you into serious trouble.

I have made the decision to shutdown all nodes over the next couple of weeks as it is just not a great time to have a lot of external ip connections to your home isp. I also need to focus on our plan to get out of here as well as working out how to pay for everything we will need to do. That last part is going to be incredibly hard as we have a couple of complications to deal with.

Basically we need to run while we still can before the borders are shut but the nodes can stay active a little longer as we just can’t leave this second unfortunately. Absolutely no idea how we are going to pay for all this yet.

I have loved being part of the Storj community and hope to return once we are all safe.
Give my data a good home boys!



I understand you penfold, sorry about your situation. Hope you can safely leave the country with your family. We want to see your nodes online again. Good luck

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Good luck @penfold. Stay save. :v:t2: Health and security are the most important things for a family. I fully understand.

I am sorry to hear about your situation, I do hope you manage to sort everything out and manage to leave safely.

Just keep the extreme option in mind: leave and forget about paying for things.
Ultimately, defaulting on debt is less serious than risking yours and your family’s life.

Best wishes and best of lucks, and remember: you don’t have to be a node operator to remain a part of this community. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words but some issues with this:

  1. My kids need beds and food and everything else even after we get out of here.
  2. It doesn’t get us on an aircraft or train seat.
  3. We have a government related issue to deal with - completely fraudulent, but nothing we can do about it except pay.

You’re right, I think my post may have come across as overly patronising especially without knowing your circumstances. My apologies.

My wishes for a safe resolution to your problems still remain, though! :hugs:


That’s sad to hear, man.

I wish you all the best in this upcoming new phase of your life. Always keep your head up and look forward, there’s better times coming for you and your family.

Don’t make any rash decisions.

If anything, Storj is a source of income. If for some reason you’re forced to stay within Russian borders, having this income can save your life.

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I think this unlikely for two reasons:

1/ After a year of running Storj I have been unable to withdraw a single payment and indeed since the recent token price crash it has actually lost 30% of it’s value. Even after this month’s payment is made I will still be below where I was in total value terms 2 months ago. So it is not even growing in net value terms.

2/ Russia is progressively being isolated. The latest to announce their withdrawal from the market was paypal - which was announced this evening. And Russia had already made it illegal to use crypto directly for payments and other problems as Alexey already detailed. So, for example if I was to have $1000 in crypto the ability to get that into useable fiat here is being eroded very, very quickly.


For some reason I thought you were one of the bigger SNOs. Please excuse me.

However I don’t share your opinion on crypto being banned and thus useless. Crypto is one of the few options left for people who want to save their assets.

One question. Where was your global community when usa killed people in Libya, Syria, Iraq and other countries?
Вопрос риторический, можно не отвечать. Этодругое.

As with all conflicts in every country started by any government…

Please do not confuse the common citizen with the illegal and/or violent actions of the government ruling over the citizens.


There shouldn’t be any discussion on any wars on this forum, This really isnt the place.


I agree.

However, this particular one directly affects the Storj network. But, the politics of the conflict need not be discussed.

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In general, I’m strictly a pacifist. In my mind, there’s no real reason why the World’s populations can’t live peacefully side-by-side in 2022. Nearly all military conflicts today are based on political nonsense (read as arrogance) and greed by a few corrupt top level persons.

Unnecessary death and destruction is always very sad.

As to the OP’s post, I would gladly donate some crypto… but after reading about the shutdown of crypto to fiat pathways, I don’t think it would do much good.


Who say about crypto shutdown? In Russia no restrictions for this in this moment. Some exchanges block us… Not Rus government block crypto. Exchanges themselves block us

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Trying to figure out what’s going on…

Does the following article accurately describe the situation?


Geopolitics is beyond the scope of solutions available on the forum.

Arm Chairing global thermonuclear war will always result in the technically correct answer of…

“The only winning move is not to play.”

Other than that, I vote to end geopolitical discussion at this time on the forum.


Best of luck for you and your family man.
I would start thinking about performing Gracefull Exit as it could take a few days to complete :wink:

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Coindesk blocked us. I say this higher.

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