Will i become disqualified for 4 days offline?

Hi - I have 2 nodes running on my server at home. I am on vacation and by accident shut off the server instead of rebooting. No one is gonna by home for the next 3.5 days so my server will be 100% offline for this time.

Will 3.5 days set me back to zero on the fully vetted node? Or will I still be able to recover?
Thanks a lot…

Hi @HGPlays
For 3.5 days of offline time your node will be affected in its online score, but the maximum allowable offline time within a 30 day period is 12 days. So as long as you keep your node online for the next 30 days the only issue will be losing some files to deletion in the bloom filter, i.e. no long lasting effects.

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Thanks a lot - I can stop worrying now

is this a temporary thing, because im fairly certain that doesn’t equate to 99.3% uptime ?

Yes and no. Initially there wasn’t any uptime tracking, suspension or disqualification but then suspension was introduced (Enabling Downtime Suspension, March 22, 2021) after the Online score drops below 60% (12 days out of 30).

The 99.3% figure is from the Node Operator agreement; it has previously been noted as ‘out of date’ compared to current StorJ practice.

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I want to add some nuance here, there can be a difference between requirement and enforcement. With the current state of the ToS I think we’re pretty much in the dark about the intended requirement, but what we know is that the enforcement is implemented to kick in if uptime drops below 60% in the past 30 days.

In short, aim for 99.3%, but don’t stress too much if you fall below it one time. Just get back online as quickly as you can.


@stob @BrightSilence - thanks for clarification.