Win GUI Storj Node Toolbox

Ok, cert path was to long.
But as in the docu, it is the OOTB path.

Change it to shorter dir and it works:

Thank you very very much :slight_smile:

Storj also recoment to change it, it is just generating directory, I havent seen that Docs tell stay identity there.
Storj cant generate files to other directory, it will need admin rights, and more complex

Good to know. Great tool!!! Thank you so much for it and your help here :slight_smile:

Please help. After the crash, I had installed all my nodes again by using storj toolbox, and had some troubles:

  1. The new version of storj ( [v1.68.2: (Release v1.68.2 · storj/storj · GitHub) ) gave the crash to storj tool box. I had to set the firewall manually for the first node; for UDP port, and it was solved

  2. After retrying several times, I was able to install the first node. See the attached image. I see the node name is “Node 3”. Please help, how to set or change the node name on storj toolbox?

Just delete if all from toolbox, and make search again.
when you delete node from toolbox, you not delete node.
you cant change names.

It works! Thank you!

Hey, great tool, but now I have a problem. One of my HHD crashed were Nore 9 and 10 was installed. So I deleted them (service, folders, and in your tool).
Now with an other HDD I got, I will create now Node 20 (I have 19, to are not exist anymore).
If I tried to create I get this error:

It seems like your tool counts all my nodes (now 17) and wants to create the new one as 17. But the counter is at 19.

How does your tool count the nodes? By servies? If yes, I will create dummy services and try to create the new once. Could you please help?
Thank you , Oliver

how did you deleted lost node? did you deleted service?
Yes it count amount of services.

Use the delet button in you tool, delete the service, that’s all. The HHD isn’t alive anymore

And the folders under Programm, too.

Next free folder is 19, but of counting it will create 17

I copy your tool to an other folder, but this will not help:

No it won’t. I’ve created the services again, but counting is still the same. Did your tool check something in the service?

did you added them to the tool? it count how much them in the tool

How do I add nodes manualy without “install”?
I’ve created the service and create new folders under programm.
But it will count 17. Install will not wotk cause of this.
So maybe I can create “the lost once” manually. But how?

just push find button

No, It won’t find them:

Now I will try to add them manually in the user.config. Hope this will help. Let you know

Ok, that works. I’ve added the lost and deleted once (10 and 11) manually again to the user.config and restart your tool. Now they are bacmk als “!false running”. But the counter seems to be OK. Now I will try to create a new one and let you know.

Ok, I works. So, the new information to your tool. If a Node crash and is not recover able, don’t delete the Programm Folder, the Node itself in your tool and the Service.
Let it stay as “dead on” and live with this. If not, you have truble :wink:

why your nodes are yet 1.67? my already 1.68 for some time.

Hm, my updater is running and is say “StorJ is up to date”? Good question…

I made the update now manual (node and upadter) to 1.68.2

Thank you far the info :slight_smile:

Storj update teeb ainult esimesele nodeile uendus teised mitte.
I have my own updater that update them all.