Windows 10 home installation


I am experiencing problems installing Storj GUI in WIndows 10 home.
After all the requirements are satisfied, I follow the instruction here When I run the installer found here with Admin privileges, it results in “Problem in Windows Installer Package”. Please see the screenshot. Could you help me please?

Screenshot from 2020-02-28

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Welcome to the forum @masta / Ivan !

Try doing a fresh install by removing the folders in C:\Program Files\Storj

Thank you very much for your prompt response and welcoming me to the forum!
I removed the folder and it helped. However, a new error appeaScreenshot from 2020-02-28_ red right at the end of installation process (Please see the print screen) - it seems that there are problems with privileges. I started the installation from CMD as administrator. I also granted my user a privilege to Log on as a service in GPEDIT. But it doesn’t really help. What am I missing? Thanks!
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Try to start the service using

Start-Service storagenode

Thank you for your reply. Everything is working now. The node is up. The problem was due to several dependency services being disabled on my computer. I had to enable the Server and Web sharing services. Thank you for your help!

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can you please share me a link for the previous version?