Windows gui problems

Hi all I need your advice again please,right I had a 5tb external hard drive and now I’ve mirrored onto 12tb.i went and down load the gui for windows and run it,but instead of saying remove,it just let me put the info in,but when I tap the install it won’t install. Anyone got any ideas,iv tried changing the hard drive letter to my new drive and it seems to work but it has not added more disk space. Thanks all if you can help

Can you show screenshot of this error ?

This is what comes up every time I try to install gui

Remove folder from C:\program files\Storj then try installing it.

Ok I give that a try thank you

Well thank you so much,it worked,thought I was going to have to delete my node and start a new one.cant thank you enough

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Always ask for help when you are stuck. The regret of taking the wrong step haunts for a long time. Good luck with your new drive. I hope you read articles about SMR drives.

Also if you like you can post pictures of your setup here:

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Yes thanks I will,just thinking about getting a nas system but not sure about the setup not computer wise lol,as I know this 12tb hard drive will soon fill up lol

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