Windows GUI won't install

ok, let me look for that gui error

You just need tu setup paths in proper way, as docket put some subfolder, but GUI write to root of HDD, you need to setup same folder as was. But need win 10

this is the gui error every time

no no no, no docker at all, Node GUI version

take a look at the picture

Please, extract the installer to the folder and run from there.
Use the “Extract All” command on archive instead of RAR

ok will try

I extracted to the folder and it gives the same error :(((((

Did it asked Administration permisions? on start?

Did you try to run it as Administrator?

i try now as admin …

it looks like I cant start the installer as admin :frowning:

Do you have 3rd party antivirus programs installed?

nope no antivirus …

There is no run as administrator on right click on file?


bla bla bla 20 char

you are admin account on pc? domain?

ofc I am…

not overed windows update?