Windows Node optimisation

Hello Storj operators.
I would like to share with you my latest founding’s to optimis node work.
UltraDefrag download |
UltraDefrag 11 - Portable Disk Defragmenter | Official Website
this to software versions to defragmentation of nodes.
First is free and second newer is paid version.
This software make not only simple defragmentation but also MFT defragmentation.
Windows defrag not making MFT defrag.
MFT is master File Table on NTFS windows. if it is fragmented response time is much bigger.
After I optimized only MFT my 10 tb node started to work faster. Bigger node bigger the problem as seek time go to hell.


Hi, could You say more?
What steps did You do?
What need to be configured before first start of Ultradefrag free?
I would like to copy Your moves, to get same results for my full 8TB node,
and i will share if it helps in any ways.
All the best!

EDIT: ok thx @Vadim ! MFT optimization in process, 12,35% so far!

Hello, depend how much time you want to spend, I event didnt stoped node.
Minimum is just push optimisation, max make full optimisation.
optimization’s only will optimise MFT only, Full will make defrag and MFT optimisation.

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So, in case of volumes used for storagenode, with only small files, Windows allocates space from MFT zone first, and speeds the MFT fragmentation. What a stupid choice by MS devs! They say that you can change the space for MFT zone. How can a SNO calculate the desired MFT space for a given node, knowing the space that he will allocate for the node?
Are all the pieces of 4MB?