Yet another post about earnings. (old user)

Hello guys, It been a while.

I have been running a node for a long long time. I didn’t have the time to learn how earnings really work or what is happening. But now, I need to understand since my node is eating internet all day long. I see a lot of GB transferred by the hour but still receiving 2 or 3 U$ a month, that won’t cover even the electricity as many already must be stated.

This are my stats as Node Dashboard says:

but if I go to payout information I have this:

I have a dedicated virtual machine with 8TB space, almost full. The machine uses 50Mbps constantly with some peaks of use of 100/120 Mbps.

As far as I understand nothing is being held.

The quick question, this is going to be the Normal payout? Because if is going to be like that. eating internet, disk and energy for 2 or 3 U$ I will be shuting down node.

I really gave it lot of time and keeping it online, etc etc but, again, for 3/a month even a shitty 100 U$ miner will generate that a day or two.

Thanks for reading!

if you been here for as long as you say I’d recommend tagging along an existing thread as there is far more info in these.

It’s been mentioned in many threads on here, that essentially the payout info on the api dashboard can just be ignored at this point. Almost none of the information is accurate. This was their first try to add this, and they are well aware of what needs to be fixed in the next update(s).

Here are some of the other threads about it:

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Thats super useful information, thank you so much.

Stay Safe

Are you near stefan’s sat? In USA, I’m only seeing 30avg with 60 peaks… Running SSD cache over 1Gb.

There are some community tools that could give you a little more insight into what’s going on. First of all, earnings on the web dashboard show some wrong numbers right now. You can use the earnings calculator to get the correct ones. Earnings calculator (Update 2020-04-18: v8.2.1 - Added europe-north-1 satellite)

This should also give you an idea of what satellite you earn most money on. Currently most paid egress traffic is from the stefanbenten satellite. Since you mentioned you no longer have held back amounts I take it your node is more than 9 months old. You should be seeing some of that download traffic as well. (Ps. you showed ingress in your screenshot, which is unpaid. Most income comes from egress. As well as a little bit from storage.)

My calculation for this month looks like this.
And I think you’ll agree that a nearly $50 payout is worth it. I’m not saying everyone can get to this level. Factors like location play a big role here as well and I have been quite lucky in that regard. But lets see if we can’t find out why the difference with your node is so big.

On place to start might be to have a look at your success rates. Success rate script - Now updated for new terminology in logs after update to 0.34.6 or later
The average for download success should be 74%, if you’re higher it’s all good. For upload it’s 72%.
Please note that lower numbers aren’t always a problem. Sometimes it’s just what you can get with your location and hardware. But if they are really low it may be an indication of an inefficient setup.

There are some guidelines you should be following. Use direct attached storage. Preferably internal connection like sata. Don’t use USB2 or lower. Don’t use a network protocol. Don’t use network shaping. Don’t use SMR based drives. Also read: PSA: Beware of HDD manufacturers submarining SMR technology in HDD's without any public mention . Please also look at system monitors to see if there is any bottleneck in resources in your nodes setup, so we can give a little more detailed advise. Lets see if we can find out what’s going on and get your node a bit more profitable!

There is something a little wrong with your figures. From the graphs you posted it looks like you started at 1tb this month and had 3gb sent to your node.
Your 8tb disk should only be half full by that. Did you make a backup or an rsync or anything that could account for the missing 4tb?
But then your graph does not show 4tb free … did you set it to share only 5tb of the 8tb disk?

For sure, nearly 50 sounds great. but the top I received was last month, 5 U$. But still not sure if I have holdings or not. Probably I have, but is not clear to me.
All tools that I run says that will be 5 or 7 U$. but my connection is in use all the time, and hard drives wont stop working. I just want to understand if I keep doing this for a couple more months if this will get better. or not.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I moved the storj node to a virtual machine so is better and easy to move to another server if I need to turn one server off. When I moved to the virtual machine I decided that 8TB was too much since it wasn’t 100% used anyway. so I shrieked the new node to 5TB or 6TB Dont remember.

Adding a little more information, like I said StorJ is running on a virtual machine, nothing else is running there. this is the stats for the last 2 days:

its almost 450 GB transferred in 2 days so based on this, my monthly transfer would be 6.7 TB.

What is the capacity of your hard drive and connection speed?

looks like he is arround 9TB disk usage and for the 4TB transfer connection could be 100 or more.

Mine is 400mbps att fiber, and I get almost 7tb transfer a month :confused:

Only egress is paid, and storage of course. So only the sent column is of interest. And you cant extrapolate from 2 days for the whole month. It is not mining, if nobody downloads their data, you will not see any egress.

It’s sharing an SSD accelerated SHR2 array with some other personal use. I’m currently expanding that array(using a 16TB HDD I bought with my storj tokens) and will upgrade the allocated space to 16TB. It’s 11TB right now, but as you can see that’s filling up quickly.

I have a 1000/500 internet connection, but I don’t think anything over 100 matters.

More importantly the data being downloaded right now was uploaded a while ago. I’ve learned that it really pays to be a loyal node.

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You are literally the only person in all the comments that I received that makes me want to not delete my node.

I have 2 servers with 20 HD each, almost 80TB, I run virtual machines for my work. but like 40TB I can use, but I was waiting for storj to make some money and see if it worth to give it more space.

Did you expanded the space? is too complicated? can add a secondary folder/unit or need to expand the actual partition and reconfigure storj? I know its a subject for another post, but since I got someone that really cares and knows, I taking the chance


Array is currently being expanded. I’ll have to expand the volume and then change the node config. But it depends on your setup. You can’t add a second folder or location. But you can run another node to share a second location. If you want to change the allocated size as I will do, take a look here.

I expanded my setup too by another 8TB wd Red I bought from storj earnings.
But you have to stay “in the game” for the long run. It’s not about making a lot of money and definitely not quick, the first months are quite low and earning rise slow.

but it was certainly worth it investing some of the money I already earned.
However, I didn’t start with an investment, I just used an old 3tb hdd and a pi. Didn’t buy anything.

As for bandwidth usage my nodes are getting 30mbit/s ingress.

That’s the nature of forums, mostly people who write there complain about something.

I also can’t complain. I expect ~$32 for this month with 5.5TB stored and egress of 1.1TB so far this month. I’m on a 80/20 connection, so gigabit fibre is not as important as many people think.

The only hardware I bought was a used Dell PERC H310 RAID Controller for £30, a set of cables for 8 hard disks for another £20 and a fan for £5. I flashed the IT firmware on the controller, so that I can use 8 disks independently. I run 4 storagenodes on that sever and still have free SATA ports for future expansion.