"You can get € 400 (440 $ usd) a month, using a 2tb hard drive, giving storj a space of 1tb" - is it real?

Thanks for sharing this, it is really appreciated for new SNOs to see what we should expect (taking in care that each node has its bandwidth usage and it can vary)


That’s me with an old account hahaha
Obviously I’m quite less diplomatic than you, we’ll see if he eventually gets around to deleting my comment.
I edited it to include a link to this topic and gave my 2 cents of advice on the ideal small node.

What I don’t like is that he photoshopped the photo and obviously doesn’t know much about storj since he used the official calculator to do his estimations.

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I don’t know if it was the edit or he removed it, but your comment is no longer visible. (It probably still is to you, but try when you’re logged out)

I think he actually set his comments to review all of them. So he gets to pick what shows up and what doesn’t. (You don’t notice that yourself, because while you’re logged in your comment is always visible even before it’s approved) So it might be that editing the comment put it back into that queue. But I don’t think he’ll like you linking here.


wow he’s very dedicated to sharing false information if he reviews every comment before making them public.
It’s possible that he doesn’t like the link. I’ll see if it shows up again.

EDIT: It might also be youtube that doesn’t like links…

Looks like the videos have been turned down.

If you try accessing them using a link the appear as private now, so I suppose it has been a change made by the HardwarEsfera channel itself.

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Interesting, perhaps he has been reading this thread. I hope he’ll be making a video that better represents the actual earnings, as that would actually be quite valuable.

We all make mistakes and I’d definitely give him a big thumbs up if he corrects this one the right way.

HardwarEsfera: If you are reading this and would like some input from a long time node operator, I’d love to answer any questions you have.


I second you on that, there aren’t that many videos about Storj on youtube and even less in Spanish. And showing the real earnings means the new SNOs won’t be pissed off once they join the network and realize that the real earnings are much lower than what they have been told.
At least the earnings calculator has been taken offline, that’ll avoid quite a few misunderstandings.

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that is a very nice an simple way to explain it…

Hoy es Domingo y se supone que hará un directo. Veremos a ver como se explica. Si es cierto que ha mentido me llevaré una gran decepción. Independientemente de que recomiende una y mil veces el emplear material antiguo para el nodo storj, no invertir dinero, etc…si ha falseado los datos se puede enfrentar a un grave problema - que realmente así lo creo, de lo contrario no habría retirado los vídeos -, no se puede jugar con las ilusiones de las personas. Muy triste.


Unfortunately there is absolutely no doubt. His video contained lies and a fake dashboard. This will no doubt damage his reputation. We’ll see now how he deals with it. I think he can win some respect back if he addresses it head on, explains how the video was based on wrong assumptions about profit and that he shouldn’t have used edited dashboards. Then point out how comments and people here pointed out the problems with the video. Apologize for misleading and promise to set the record straight. The first reply in this topic points to resources that can give a much better estimate of potential earnings. And I hope he’ll reach out here on the forums to get the best information.

People make mistakes. The thing to do now is own up to it and make it right. Take the hit now so he can eventually earn back trust and move past it.

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Oye galan, hace un par de días aviso por twitter asaltador, que se tomaba todo el mes de agosto y que no haría directos los domingos ni nada. Ademas ha borrado los vídeos referentes a storj, ha borrado los comentarios que se le hacen al respecto, en su pagina y foro no hay información al respecto.

Donde aun puedes mirar algo sobre storj en su canal, es en la pestaña de comunidad de su canal, ahí tiene varias entradas hablando sobre storj, aun no ha borrado nada de ahí.

va a ser que no, en la pestaña de comunidad no hay mas que un post sobre un directo (vale, minuatura de storj)…

jajaja ya también borro las entradas de la comunidad!
yo justo había posteado un reclamo ahí mismo hace días

hola entonces no vale la pena esto del storj? acabo de comprar proce placa fuente y ssd por 150 euros porque no tengo otro pc. que hago porque por si acaso descargue dos videos donde explicaba lo de storj y ahora no se si hacer lo que dice de instalar la iso que tambien la tengo o seguir otro tutorial o que. no me gusta pedir pero ayuda pliss.

Everything you need is available on documentation.storj.io. The instructions there are always up to date. I would not advise following any other instructions.

In my opinion it’s still very much worth it, but if you want to make good money you have to share a decent amount of space.

Use this estimator to see how much you may earn.

And please be careful spending too much money up front. It’s better to get a feel of how much you can earn first. An SSD is not going to help you much, better to get more space on an HDD for the same money.

This is why these videos bother me. It’s not that Storj is not worth it. It definitely is. It’s just not a get rich quick scheme. You get fair compensation for the service offered. This also means overspending is a really bad idea as it would take way too long to earn it back. So use the link I posted to get a good idea of what earnings could be, then decide what you think is worth investing. But keep in mind that even that is an estimator and there is never a guarantee that network activity remains the same.


Also we have a big storj community, I’m sure that they’d be happy to help if you run into a problem installing your node. Even though the installation on windows might seem easier if you’re not familiar with Linux I’d suggest running the nodes on some Linux distribution (I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and it works like a charm) as it seems (from what I’ve seen on the forums so far) to be a bit more stable once it’s setup. Windows has a tendency to do weird stuff such as rebooting automatically from time to time.

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vale la pena si sabes como hacerlo, Asaltador vendió el proyecto prometiendo ganancias irreales.
Tienes que ponerte a leer la documentación del proyecto y decidir si vale o no la pena para ti.

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ok t im new in all of these. i hope it work good thanks

pues espero que salga con buenas explicaciones pero vamos no digo que me caiga mal de hecho me caia muy bien y mas de estos videos pero ahora que los ha borrado es desilusionante por muchas excusas que ponga luego

Llevo es las sombras leyendo este foro desde marzo, siguiendo este hilo desde el minuto uno.

Yo ya sabia que esto terminaria pasando…

Conozco Storj desde 2017 pero nunca me habia animado a montar un nodo hasta este marzo

Al de hardwaresfera lo conozco por ser un cantamañanas y un analfabeto de IT y esta jugarreta del photoshop con el dashboard y las ganancias de Storj me lo ha acabado de confirmar.

Que os entre en la cabeza que esto lo ha hecho por los enlaces de afiliado de Coolmod y para ganarse unos miserables euros

El excel de BrightSilence de la calculadora de ganancias es realista y se va cumpliendo

Hay que ser muy ingenuo para creerse que alguien pagaria 400€ por un googledrive de 1TB al mes cuando microsoft vende su onedrive de 1TB por 5€ al mes

Saludos y animo a todos esos que se sientan estafados, aqui hay negocio pero como ya han dicho no te haras rico en dos meses