Your Europe Satellite Node is Offline Emails

Hello I received a lot of emails with the topic

Your Europe Satellite Node is Offline

How can I stop it? My nodes are all online

Perhaps you have a switched off NodeIDs. You can give me the NodeID from this email and I can check it.

Hello @Alexey




Please check. And yes I have some broken nodes which never exist. Is there an official way how to unsubscribe any emails regarding delteded nodes ?

offline since 01/26/20 00:42

You have 14 nodes some of them offline since 11/23/19 00:20, 11/27/19 00:24, 11/27/19 21:52, 11/01/19 01:46

Offline since 01/24/20 15:10

@Alexey yes ok thanks.Actuall I have 7 nodes. Can you clean up all my nodes that offline That I not receive any down mails

No, I can’t. But it is a good question how to deal with them until the disqualification for downtime will be enabled back

So when somebody lost a node then he will receive this email until he changes his address

I just do not have any solution at the moment. I created an internal issue to the marketing team. Will see what would be a solution.

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Emails to offline nodes are suspended until the Tuesday.

@Alexey I created multiple node in the past and closed them all. No I have setup new nodes with new invites but I am using the same eth address.

Is eth address a primary key to check for node offline punishments?

The NodeID only.

What the best time shift for the check? 7 days, 14 days to the past?
At the moment the satellite takes 30 days interval.

Good question. From my experience receiving the emails it was more about the communication. Sending emails with 4 hours intervals gave the sense that it’s urgent.

I’d think at least 3 emails should be sent out, with 7 days intervals, where the first one could just have a friendly message saying we are missing your node. And the two others would talk about the consequences.

It would also be a good idea to have a option to opt-out before the de-qualification period kicks in

According to the requirements, a node is disqualified after 5 hours of downtime (this is not enforced right now, but it looks like it will be once the uptime check works properly).
So, an email after the node has been offline for 6 hours might as well include a new auth token, since the node has been disqualified.

My proposal would be to send the email immediately after the node was detected to be offline and repeat the email every hour until the node has been disqualified (just in case the SNO does something and starts to think that the node is working, while it is not), which would mean a total of 5 emails. Right now, the emails should stop after the node has been offline for 6 hours as well.
But, if the sattelite sends a notification that the node is offline, it should send a notification when the node is detected to be online as well, so that I would know for sure that I fixed the problem.

If someone does not want to get the notifications, he can set the email address to an empty string.

Unless I completely misunderstood the question, in which case please correct me.

That would actually mean a total of 25 emails right now, since satellites work completely independent from each other.

I also wouldn’t assume the requirement would go back to 6 hours. Let’s wait until they reintroduce the new uptime checks. But I’d argue it clearly doesn’t have to be that stringent. It’s been months without any enforcement and everything seems to be fine. (Though I have no insight into repair costs currently)

I think I have written enough about how 5 hours is way too strict as well. But if the requirement stays in place, then emails have to be quick, there is not much point getting the first notice when there’s less than one hour to fix the problem or after the node has been disqualified.

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Definitely agree with when the first email should appear. In the mean time uptime robot does that job for me.
Keep in mind the ToS are also in the process of being rewritten. So a few things may change.

I really hope this 5 hours rule will never get implemented so strictly.
I already gave my opinion on this via this post: Incentives and payments for making SNOs stay

There are many situations where fixing a node within 5 hours is simply impossible (for home users at least) : When at work, when in holydays… when sleeping! :no_mouth:

It makes sense to apply some penalty when a node is offline, and the longer it’s off grid, the bigger the penalty. But disqualification should be applied only when the node fails audits or has been away for months… IMHO :wink:

This said, I do agree that emails should be sent as soon as possible by StorjLabs if a node turns out to be offline, so we can solve the problem ASAP if we can :+1:

@BrightSilence: I did receive a single e-mail from StorjLabs once because both of my nodes went offline (DDNS issue that brought my whole local network out of reach from the Internet). So… looks like notifications are already done a clever way, it seems? As in, only one e-mail is sent for all nodes that share the same e-mail address, even though all satellites may have noticed the problem?
(my 'Uptime checks" did go down on all satellites after this incident)