Your Node has Gone Offline Europe-North-1/US2 satellite

I’ve just received 2 emails from the Europe-North-1 and US2 satellites with he subject message. I’ve gone and restarted my Node but I’m not sure if that fixes anything since I don’t see those 2 satellites listed when I check stats. My node ID is: 12mYxtBsxSKpbZrh1bwZ9kMrrPx2W9SxDu62qrJWaFHcsCb4xkV.

The email says I will be suspended if it is not fixed. What do I need to do to fix this?

EU north 1 and us2 are gone. You can ignore the email. I got the same one.


I think this is related to

I have received two emails, one for each satellite, plus all three of my nodes no longer show those satellites in the console.

I think this is expected - but an email in advance of the closure might have been useful


Thx… weird they would generate those emails… :roll_eyes:

Thx… I must have missed or just forgot about the about that announcement… but still strange they would email about satellites they are shutting down.

I think that email is the one you would normally get if your node had gone offline unexpectedly - probably an automated system to detect offline nodes/satellites and let node operators know - so useful.

Under the circumstances (two satellites being withdrawn) I kind of feel like it would have been appropriate to send an email reminder in advance, or using the under-utilised notification system in the webapp, to actually let folks know it was happening today/tomorrow… rather than just having a somewhat alarming “If your node remains offline, you may be suspended or disqualified” email turn up… I mean the announcement was 5 months ago… just my two cents…

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Whoops, looks it they forgot to take those out of the alerting :grimacing:

Hi everyone,
I just recevied 2 email this mornning with the content below
Your Node has Gone Offline Europe-North-1 satellite
Your Node has Gone Offline US2 satellite

If your node remains offline, you may be suspended or disqualified.

From Storj Labs email address.
Is this safe to ignore this email because I though we shutdown that 2 satelite ?

I received the same emails too.

It’s all fine, please have a look here: