ZKSync to Fiat, my experience and fees today

I started a 5TB node February 2022. Until today, I have received a bit more than 600 Storj. Today, I decided it was time to cash out for the first time. Since it took me a bit of research to figure out the exact way, I figured I’d write down my experience here for others:

First, I withdrew my L2 Storj from the zksync Wallet to the Storj deposit address of Coinbase, as I already had an Account with Coinbase. This cost me around 2USD in Fees (my Wallet was already activated earlier). On Coinbase, I sold my Storj. I paid 3USD in fees and received 205€ for my Storj, which I withdrew to my bank account via SEPA transfer, which cost an additional 0.15€ in fees. Overall, I am happy with the amount of fees I paid, although I did have to save 18 Months to accrue the amount of Storj and the tokens lost some value during that time.


That’s an excellent success story. Thanks for sharing with the community :slight_smile:


It would be great if they would allow you to link an L2 zkSync wallet as a payment wallet on Stoj Accounts so you can pay your usage fees.

I am aware that you can simply put the L1 Storj wallet from the storage account into your node config, but seems like it would be better to run it all L2.


this feature is already on our roadmap to be implemented (hopefully soon)

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Which, L2 zkSync from nodes direct to storj storage account for billing?

Yes please!