3.2tb Node, Do it still earn income after reaching 100% Full

Hi to all guys,

Im a newbie and just started my storage note last week. Currently my setup is a4TB drive but usable is

3.2TB drive. Im just wondering what will happens is it reach the 100% full capacity? Do I still earn income by just leaving the node at 100% full capacity? or it will stop earning and need to be replace by another drive?. Also by your experience, by average how many months does this 3.2TB will be expected to become full. Another thing, how many days or months does the earnings appear on the Dashboard.Thank you and more power to the group.


You can’t predict that as customer behavior is unpredictable.

As long as you have a running node it will keep showing your earnings.

Thank you for the reply sir. I really appreciate it. Do you have any tips or recommendation how can I maximize my earnings?

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Keep your node online 24/7 and make sure you don’t fail audits by checking your logs for failed and GET_AUDIT entries.

You are paid $1.50 per TB-month of data stored on your node. If you were to fill up 4TB of space, that would be $6/mo.

You are also paid $20 per TB of egress traffic. Current estimates for expected monthly egress traffic are ~10% of your used space. That would be 400GB, which would come out to $8/mo.

So total, you could expect to make about $14/mo once the drive is full.


  • This doesn’t take into account reserving some space on the disk for the databases, logs, etc.
  • This doesn’t take into account repair escrow, which is a portion of your gross revenue withheld by Storj to be used to pay other nodes to help repair missing data if your node were to suddenly disappear without notice or fail enough audits to be disqualified.

Wow, thanks for this nice explanation sir. Now I already understand. For example my 4tb hd is full can I add another bigger capacity hd? is that possible 2 hd’s running a node?

You can take a look at

Or study all topics from there: https://forum.storj.io/tags/c/sno-category/sno-faq/16/multiple-nodes

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I actually like the wording “repair escrow” and I think Storj should pick up on that in the docs and in the SN dashboard. This might lead to less questions about the “held amount”.

How about “amount of repair escrow held” in the dashboard and “repair escrow” in the documentation?


It’s technically not escrow as that requires an independent third party. And it’s also not just for repair. It’s mostly an incentive structure to foster loyal and stable nodes. It doesn’t fully cover repair costs to begin with.

Does it matter that much why the amount is held back? I can imagine that including the explanation in the naming could help clarify, but it will also lead to more followup questions. Also check out this topic: So what am I missing regarding held back fees!

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Thanks you very much sir for supporting newbies like us.

To some it seems to do. Without diving deeper into incentivisation, most people might just accept this implicit explanation even if it’s not 100% accurate from a technical standpoint.

Yeah perhaps. Something like “held back for repair” could be ok. But it gets kind of long.

That’s what mouseover tooltips are for :wink:

“held back amount” —mouseover—> “fraction of your earnings held back by the network in case your SN exits unexpectedly” or sth like that.


Yeah, that would be a nice approach!