Android App provided by and endorsed by STORJ

Is there a 100% supported version of an Android app that is provided by STORJ that can be used to UPLOAD camera pictures etc to the storj network as I take the pictures and videos for safe storage? and if so what is it called?



My team has provided one in the google play store - a search of play for “storj” actually shows a few options the community has provided for users to try:

all feedback is welcome!


But is there a STORJ branded one? again endorsed to be 100% safe and secure.

I hope you know you can open Storj website in the browser of your Android phone and upload the pictures.


I would love to just have it auto upload as i take pictures so that none get lost. But my concern is that if i use a 3rd party program it may be able to get my credentials and access to all my files. This is why i am asking if there is a fully endorsed app that storj suggests that has been vetted for any type of software concerns

We do not develop consumer applications, we provide a decentralized end-to-end encrypted S3-compatible cloud storage for developers, who builds consumer applications.
So, no - we do not have a branded application, but you may take a look on mentioned above.

What app for android do you suggest that is safe ?

I do not know, for honestly. When you provide your access grant or S3 credentials, it’s matter of trust, I suppose.

I’m using and

For a complete photo management solution (or just for backups) that can be powered by Storj, there is also Photos+ Cloud Library >>

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Do you plan to release the app for SailfishOS?

Sorry, I don’t think this in on our roadmap. A windows version though should be available in the coming months.