Are there any advantages for ZkSync Era over Legacy?

Are there any advantages for ZkSync Era over Legacy? The STORJ can still be converted to L1 with Era and paid with STORJ?

My understanding is that Era supports most EVM-based applications and dApps, but Legacy supports only some, and yes you should be able to convert to L1 and pay transaction fees with Storj tokens

will the 10% bonus on zkSync legacy apply to zkSync Era too?

Sorry i haven’t really used the zkSync wallet much even though i’m opt in… are the wallet addresses same?

When the team has finalized that issue they will make an official announcement.

zkSync Era has a different address to connect your wallet, And currently it’s support only Metamask as far as I can see.

mm i read up abit on it… its a separate chain on its own, but i think the wallet address can be the same as eth and zksync (v1)… i guess i will stick to v1 for now until they have an official tool to migrate my current wallet storj over to v2

Yes, I feel the same - it’s a separate chain and to migrate you need to withdraw your balance from zkSync Lite to L1 first. In this case it doesn’t make sense to me to top-up balance on zkSync Era back, unless there would be a better way to use it than on L1. But I would hope they would implement a shorter migration path without L1 involving in between.
However, now the zkSync Era looks better than zkSync Lite, because it doesn’t require a one-time registration fee and it also EVM-compatible, this is mean that almost any existing dApp on Ethereum can migrate to zkSync Era without significant code change (if ever).


You can transfer using cross L2 chain bridge like Orbiter, but it is not cheap either…


If You receive a STORj via ERA, can You withdraw to any L1 Eth address or just the L1 adress that is Yours under that L2 ERA? (because that would mean 1x L1 transaction to exchange if You can point exchange address immidiately, or 2x L1 transactions if it must be first withdrawn to Your L1 Eth and then to an exchange L1 (which does not support any L2 mostly in deposits terms)

You can withdraw to any destination L1 address, as far as I understand.

At least Era did not get decommissioned.


The main advantage in my view of zkSync Era over Legacy is that in Legacy, you needed to spend gas to register a wallet. Any private key wouldn’t necessarily work on zkSync Legacy until it was registered. With zkSync Era, there is no such requirement. Both can pay fees in STORJ.

zkSync Era is also nice in that it is geth-rpc compatible, so if you have layer 1 clients that talk to a geth-rpc endpoint, you can easily point it at zkSync Era’s API endpoint straightforwardly and it just works.

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Unfortunately there is still the security delay of the funds for 24h? Is there any plan to reduce or remove this?

Wrong forum, i guess?

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