August 9, 2022: Ethereum Layer 1, zkSync, and Polygon payouts for the month of July are now complete

Hello! Payouts for the completed month of July are complete.

For layer 1 payments, we paid 4,359 unique wallet addresses. As before, there is no specific minimum payment threshold but it appears the pipeline was able to pay out for people who earned $2 (!) or more.

For zkSync payments, we paid 1,502 unique wallet addresses. Everyone who opted into zkSync got a 10% bonus (and will again next month)! Thanks for participating in the future of Ethereum scaling with us!

For Polygon payments, we paid 52 unique wallet addresses. Down from last month’s 54. Polygon is not really taking off here, and we’re starting to discuss whether or not Polygon support continues into some of our planned roadmap. If you have a strong reason for why we should keep Polygon despite the low numbers here, please let us know. And, if you’re interested in learning how to enable this, please see the announcement post .

Across all layers, we paid 5,864 unique addresses. As always, if you have more questions, please make sure you’ve read through our mega FAQ .

The policies put in place regarding bonuses for nodes operated in Ukraine are still in place.


confirm that additional 10% on zkSync was very sweet part of payout.


For L1 payments, is the low payout qualifier of $2 in part due to (may have wrong terms here) the batching of payments in zkSync? E.g., in my payment I see that there were 20 transfers at a total of about $12 of fees if I’m reading it right.

i think this is due to the fees being so low currently.
the whole point in L2 is to reduce fees,

why would StorjLabs want to remove a feature such as payments over polygon?

if L1 fees go up again then i’m sure polygon will take off, and to be fair zkSync is kinda shit compared to the options polygon has with it being established at basically any exchange via their matic token.

while zksync has basically no option, the only reason zkSync is popular is because of the 10% bonus and it was the first L2 introduced on Storj.

it does surprise me that there only are 52 people using polygon.
its the only one i would consider using.
tho the 10% bonus is so tempting lol

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Storj Team payng to L1 also by sksynk, because it also cheaper than make independent transaction, as zksynk event withdraw to L1 making in batch somehow.
And people rescive it to L1.

I dont know, I withdray from zkSynk directrly to binance L1 in 1 transaction. for me this 10% bonus is kind of 70$, only 1 minus, that withdraw from zksynk is kind of several hoers.

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The reason is simple - just like with storj on zksync you can’t really do anything with storj on polygon. And swapping it into something else costs you quite a bit:

paying a 1.2$ for a transaction doesn’t seem that bad. also doesn’t say if you are going cross chains or not…
internal transactions on polygon is generally super low, also zkSync hasn’t got a token on any exchanges that i’m aware of, so how are you suppose to exchange it.

so far as i know the only way to go from zksync to like binance is a L1 transaction, which is why i don’t like it.

because zksync is a rollup into layer 1, and since they don’t have a token, thats all they are.
a way to reduce fee’s… but in a world where fees is currently a couple of $ even on eth…

are you sure thats not a L1 transaction you are doing with that swap…

It’s the exchange rate, not fees.
I have a feeling fees would be through the roof if I tried eth bridge.