Average people Cloud portal powered by tardigrade

Hi, i’ve been asked by average people if there are regular frontends for let’s say non IT people. Portals just like PCloud, DropBox, you name it.


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Duplicati and Filezilla :wink:


sorry, i mean web based frontend.

Duplicati has a Web Frontend.

Nextcloud might also work but I haven’t tested it.

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ok, thanks, but duplicati website is down for now…sad :slight_smile:

You also can run an Tardigrade S3 Gateway and use the network via browser http://localhost:7777

It is up now. You can grab a copy here: https://www.duplicati.com/download

To be honest it is more complicated to set up tasks on Duplicati than simply running Dropbox. You would have to take care of the tasks by yourself manually, so it would be difficult to say it is for non tech savvy people as well as Dropbox is for them.

Yet if Tardigrade is alternative to data storage services like AWS, I would say having a GUI front-end for casual users would not be one of the tasks that should be preferred; obviously AWS is not suitable for non tech savvy people.

Becoming an alternative to both AWS and Dropbox at the same time must be a tough one, and you would not have to take that way. Just my two cents.

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Pretty sure Dropbox runs on AWS or similar. That’s kind of how it works. There’s a backend and a customer application built on top of it. I’m sure Storj Labs would encourage anyone interested to build their web storage application on top of Tardigrade. Or switch their existing AWS backend to Tardigrade.

average people
Not localhost:7777 & S3
Need Plug&play

No, I do not suggest to use an aws CLI. You literally run a one docker container (or binary) and navigate to http://localhost:7777 in your browser. That’s it.

They use to, i think they have setup their own network now (I remember reading about it when they switched over).

Yeah, I wasn’t entirely certain when I typed that. At their scale I guess it makes sense to spin up your own data centers. But my point still stands. Tardigrade is the platform that others can build a dropbox alternative on. So the best you will get for pure Tardigrade is duplicati or filezilla. Which are honestly pretty good considering you’re using an AWS class storage service. So I encourage people to give those a try if they’re looking for a more consumer like experience. But it will never be as simple as dropbox until someone builds a service like that on top of Tardigrade.


Hi there,

I would completely agree with you, and also I truly hope someone would build a Dropbox-like service whose backend is Tardigrade, which is as useful and more secure, private, and distributed.

My point was that Tardigrade development team themselves would not have to try to build a service which provides both functions of AWS and Dropbox.

This is definitely something I’d love to see. Perhaps someone here in the community would like to take a crack at building this :wink:

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True. Or something like Mega. But honestly, for a single community member not possible to do. You’d need a company to handle that. I’d love to see Storjlabs to come up with a service like that. There was this transfer.sh thing which was really cool, but it got abandoned.

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An average people cloud portal would be something like dropbox and that already exists with nextcloud using tardigrade as main storage. But it’s still kind of centralized since you will always be downloading from a central server, not directly from the tardigrade network.

How about Filebase? https://filebase.com/ :grinning:

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And also

Something like this?

@buchette I completely agree, this is a common mistake in early development (Note: Crypto) that stands directly in the way of adoption … There are many choices for file upload and Ease of Use is going to be top of the decision tree. I’m running a node and happy to do it but I haven’t uploaded any data because I have OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive already running … why would I burn all the time required to learn this new behavior just to put a file somewhere? GUI respects Time.