Best friday ever

It looks like everyone got paid double last month wow…


Ouch :confused:

But thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Yep. Looks like I’ve got paid for March + April. But I’ve already got paid for March in previous month.

I saw in April Undistributed for March payout when I’ve already got payout for this month. I thought this is bug. @Alexey @jtolio

Woohoo! :partying_face:

Proud to be a Storj node host :slight_smile:

yeah payout seems to be about double of what expected for the payout today.
not sure why… did we get a surge payout… i guess we must have…

:frowning: Mine looks about right on zkSync… April payment plus 10%

Congratulations to all the winners ^^

Nothing paid yet. Hmm

Yeah, same here on zkSync, my payout is as expected. That 10% zkSync bonus looks a bit small now compared to the 100% bonus others received. :wink:

Looks like the mistake was probably actually made with last months payouts. If you saw an undistributed amount, the satellites must not have correctly registered the payout.

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i’m sure everyone will be paid equally… when the dust settles.

Keep Calm
Keep Storjing.


I’m not so sure about that. It’s gonna be a little complicated to either correct the double payout or compensate everyone else. It most likely only paid double for people on L1 who met the payout threshold both months. For some people it may even be more than a month of earnings if they hit the payout threshold after collecting for a couple of months. There may even be a small subset that hit payout threshold last month, but not this month. Meaning they still have an undistributed amount they shouldn’t have. Clean ups of these kinds of things is a mess usually. Trust me, I’ve done similar things in my day job and if you’re not careful, you just make things worse.

I’m not bothered though. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. Such is life. It’s not like anyone got paid less than they earned. I don’t intend to become like the monkey in this video. Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally: Excerpt from Frans de Waal's TED Talk - YouTube :wink:


L1 and i received march+april…

But i already received march payout in april…

So mistake/bug in undistribued payout

Haha, hey friends!

Thank you to everyone who reported that March’s payments didn’t show up correctly in other threads like this one: April 6, 2022: Ethereum Layer 1, zkSync, and Polygon Payouts for the month of March are now complete. @BrightSilence is right that that was the problem. Because of that bug, users who were opted into layer 1 payments in March got their March payout again this month. Surprise!

More background: This year we changed how we do layer 1 payments (you may have noticed they come from zkSync’s withdrawal code, even if you didn’t opt into zkSync). For the March payment period, we updated some of our bookkeeping around transaction ids for these type of zkwithdraw payments and they didn’t end up reflecting against layer 1 nodes.

That all is to say - we of course still have all of the payment history and transactions, and we should have the historical data lined up to the right transaction types correctly by next week and this issue completely resolved going forward.

The way our bookkeeping works means that node operators that received March’s payment again actually just received an advance on May’s payment! We’ll post more details about what this means for May once we have this buttoned up next week. I extremely appreciate all of the positive attitudes in this thread.

Thanks again for sharp eyes and have a great weekend!


Here L1 payments I received double. :grinning:

Not a good idea. As luck would have it, I have to change my wallet from the next payout and probably won’t get anything from the current one. The reason is simple - my payment was not credited to the exchange for some unknown reason. It turns out that through no fault of my own, I may lose income for the next month.

Sounds extremely special, think this could be resolved.

Please note that we always caution against using exchange deposit addresses as your payout address for your node. Storj Labs deposits payouts to the wallet address you specified, there is no way for us to know if this is an address under your direct control or an exchange address. If you use a wallet address of which you hold the passphrase/private keys yourself, there should be no issue with receiving a L1 payout if this is a valid ERC20 compatible wallet. If you had opted in to zkSync, you were not affected by this issue at all.

Any issues you have with getting a payout deposit credited to an exchange address should be resolved with the exchange’s helpdesk.

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While I don’t really have any extensive knowledge of Ethereum, it seems at least Kraken uses some kind of a non-standard contract for deposit addresses, making it visible in, let say, etherscan. This is how they look like (picked a random position on the list, the specific address is not mine).

As mentioned before, we already cautioned against using exchange addresses because of possible issues that a SNO may encounter in receiving or accessing the funds on certain exchanges, which could also change their rules at any time. Storj Labs’ obligation has been met if a payout was successfully sent to a payout address provided by a SNO. It is the SNO’s responsibility to make sure that they will actually be able to access the tokens sent to that address.


I mentioned this to the fact that I lost (while there is hope that everything will be fine) access to the wallet. It doesn’t matter if it’s my personal one or an exchange.
My correct action now is to change the payment address and get everything due for May. Since I have now been paid more than I was supposed to, then potentially some of the money was taken away from me in the future. I did not ask to pay in advance. In a good way because the mistake is not mine for May, I should receive a full payment to a new address.