Bug bounty program

How about the bug bounty program for the Tardigrade network, satellites, and finding vulnerability?

That’s for development of specific components.

I think having an open bug bounty program is something any healthy business should have. Especially something publicly registered through something like hackerone or bugcrowd or similar services. It functions as a sign of maturity around security and good practices around disclosure and mitigation.


hi there - bug bounty falls under my role, and I liaie with other teams here along the process. I actually have been thinking about doing a virtual event to talk about processes Im working on internally with the community, but havent had the opportunity to set that up yet. Maybe a good topic for a Tardigrade Thursday sometime soon?

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This week and next Im working on the DWEB VIRTUAL MEETUP: May 13, 2020 and next week on FOSS fundraising event affected by Covid-19. (last week was Q&A) but perhaps after those are finished, we could book something in? I also have another topic Id like the community to weigh in on, so if ppl are up for it, maybe we can do a “mini-summit” and just chat. I think it would need to be both audio and text, because of the amoutn of languages invovled. I wold also like to invite some of our Storjlings on adjacent teams

I will investigate some different options for platform and report back when I have time :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @jocelyn!
It really awesome news! I Will waiting for updates and votes from the community.

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