Building storagenode web dashboard from source for ARMv5

Hey guys,

I have successfully built a storagenode binary from source for my three ARMv5 NAS devices (ZyXEL325, Buffalo LSWXL). The Storagenode has been running stably and without problems for several days.

Unfortunately the web GUI does not work. When I open the corresponding port (14002) in the browser, the error “404 page not found” comes up. So the port is open and the service is running.
The “console.address” parameter in the config is also set correctly. Otherwise the port would not be open either.
I found this post in the forum and suspect that the web dashboard is not was built properly. Unfortunately, no solution to the problem is given in this post.
Maybe someone can help me to build the web dashboard service for my ARMv5 devices.

best regards maxl95

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cd $HOME/storj/web/storagenode
npm install
npm run build

and in your storage node config

console.static-dir: "/home/storagenode/storj/web/storagenode"

Thank you. Everything works as expected. Now my ARMv5 Storagenodes are ready.
Best regards

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