Can I use FTPS protocol?

I am a Developer and I would like to use the FTPS protocol to upload data to your cloud ?

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Hello @AFerns ,
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We have a native tools and libraries: Storj Client Libraries - Storj DCS and Storj - Third Party · GitHub and you can use any s3-compatible libraries and tools with our Storj-hosted S3 Compatible Gateway - Storj DCS or

So if you have something which would work as an ftp server with s3, you can host it somewhere and use as a ftp server and store data on Storj DCS.
You can also mount a Storj bucket to the filesystem with rclone mount command (see how to configure rclone) and point your ftp server to it.

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If you could use our native integrations or at least s3-compatible, then you would not have to host the ftp server yourself.

My application is written in Delphi, so if I need to upload I will need a standard Protocol. If you have FTPS server running on your Servers then I can easily upload.
I have a backup software and I provide upload to Onedrive (Microsoft Graph API) and FTPS
I also do not want to compromise on the speed as each of my customers data may run into several TB’s

We doesn’t have such servers. You need to run one yourself.
We have a native protocol and S3 protocol support, the last one is a standard de-facto of object storage for many years.

If you use a backup software, then you can use the Duplicati or restic or even simple FileZilla.

Storj DCS is a distributed platform. The software encrypts and distributes files in pieces to thousands of nodes with error correction by default. So, you can’t target a Storj server because, as Alexey mentions above, they don’t exist. You have to use the software on one of your own machines or utilize a software package that has the software preinstalled.


You could use the likes of RCLONE ‘mount’ to expose a local path that may work with your application.

That seems interesting. Will check it. Thanks