SFTP, FTP, FTPS gateway service?

I see that AWS has such an offer as “AWS transfer family”:

Such a service could be benficial for Storj as well. It has been raised in the past

And despite the whole cctv market that would get access to Stoj DCS easily, there seems to be additional demand for that protocol (otherwise AWS would not offer such a service).
I have found

They claim: “We run entirely on S3”
this: https://www.netdynamics24.com/backup-services.php

To their existing worldwide backup plans a decentralized option via Storj accessible via
SFTP and FTP protocol could be a perfect fit as additional option to offer to their customers. Offering these protocols could make Storj attractive for these kind of businesses.


Thank you for the suggestion, I have forwarded this to our product team for consideration.

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