Can't login with FileZilla

I can’t login to Storj DCS with FileZilla, keeps getting this error: failed to parse access grant: uplink: unable to unmarshal access grant: proto: pb.Scope: illegal tag 0 (wire type 2)

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I’ve inquired with the team and we will get you some help soon.

Hi @unique_n
I have a few questions for you as I try to help with your issue.

  1. What version of FileZilla are you using?
  2. What OS are you running on?
  3. Is this a new access grant, or one that you have used with FileZilla before in the past?
  4. Have you tried this access grant with any other 3rd party tools, such as Rclone for example?

@unique_n Perhaps the solution that was offered in this thread also would help with your issue: Can't create new bucket with access grant or api key

  1. 30.60.2
  2. Windows 10
  3. New
  4. No, I haven’t

Perhaps you mean 3.60.2
To configure FileZilla with Storj using a Storj - Decentralized Cloud Storage protocol, you need to create an Access Grant (not API key).
If you want to configure it to use an API key, then you need to create an API key and provide it to the site creation wizard for Storj (using legacy API key) protocol.

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Trying to access my site hosted at bluehost to update some system libraries (e.g. print button image) with Filezilla.

Or is there a different way than FTP to access libraries I can’t seem to have access to from the Joomla administrative backend?

My login is rejected with a “530 Login authentication failed” even though I reset my Joomla admin password to make sure I had it right.

How is it related to Storj DCS?
Perhaps you need to submit a support ticket to bluehost.

I already created an access grant

I have checked, you are correct - the FileZilla has an outdated version of Storj library and did not update it for a long time.
Now it cannot recognize the new access grants, created from the satellite UI.
The API key authentication method still works, but requires the old satellite names:

  • for
  • for
  • for

The access grants created with uplink CLI works too.

Can you contact FileZilla to update the libraries?

Please note that we have already repeatedly asked FileZilla to please update the libraries, but they have been unresponsive. Perhaps if they hear from customers directly, they would finally do it.