Changelog v1.15.3

For Storage Nodes

Performance Improvement Loading Screen
The storage node dashboard is displaying a graph with the upload and download traffic for the current month. In the background this graph was running a slow full table scan on an SQLite database. We fixed the query to run a faster index scan instead. This should make a huge difference. The problem with the loading screen itself has not been fixed. This query fix will hopefully make it less painful.

Payout Dashboard Fixes
Over the last releases, we fixed a few small bugs in the payout dashboard. It should now show correct numbers for the current and any previous payouts including months with surge pricing, held returned, and everything else that we can think of.

Held Amount History
The held amount history on the storage node dashboard was showing the held amount for each satellite even if the held amount was already paid out. We changed the table to display the remaining held amount instead.

Online Score
The storage node dashboard is now showing the online score for each satellite. On the satellite side we also changed the calculation for the online score. The old release was giving nodes a score of 100% as long as we didn’t had enough audit results. We want to make sure we only suspend nodes if we have enough audits. The new release will now show the real score while still waiting with the suspension until we have enough audits to make that call.

Suspension and Audit Score
The storage node dashboard was showing the audit and suspension score with unnecessary high precision. We reduced the number of digits.

Used Space per Satellite
The storage node api (/api/sno) now contains currentStorageUsed per satellite. More information about the api: Storage node dashboard API (v1.3.3)


The file names inside the zip files have changed. How could I miss that? We might need a v1.15.4 release. Even if the windows updater would be able to handle it, it would still mess up the workflow for customers.

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yeah it messed up my updater, dont want to update.

i have been able to update, looks cool.

I fixed and reuploaded the zip files. Now it should be all fine.


Loading the dashboard now has been improved drastically, thanks!


Loading screen is still a bit slower than no loading screen, but it has significantly improved in performance, thanks!

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i’m not sure i can see any difference, maybe it’s faster… wasn’t that slow to begin with for me…

the most annoying thing about it is that if you are trying to read something, the screen disappears so most of the time i just feel like it steals time i could be actually looking at data…

yeah maybe it is a good deal faster at loading for me hard to really say as it’s been a while since i’ve used the dashboard a ton, if i where to guess i would say it’s reduced the load / refresh time by 250-500ms, but that is also a large % of my load time…

and i do understand that having a load screen helps inform people that stuff is loading thus giving less work troubleshooting non existing issues, so i guess we will never be rid of it, but imo the loading screen was more of a downgrade than an upgrade…

tho i will admit that i from time to time would have found myself wondering … is it loading :smiley: so i guess it’s not a total waste…

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We had 2 issues here.

  1. The loading screen is annoying especially if you want to click through the UI and you lose a second everywhere.
  2. For some storage nodes the loading screen was taking several seconds or even minutes. At that point it is not annoying anymore. You will simply stop using it.

We fixed number 2. I hope that nobody has to wait let’s say more than 3 seconds now. I am willing to spend more time fixing similar performance issues. Number 1 is still open and I hope we can fix it one day. That one is not the highest priority and will most likely take more time.


I think the best is still to offer it as an option in settings so Apple users can enjoy the interface and Android users can use it, but for me the speed is acceptable now, if it has to be there. +1 for the number 1.

i don’t understand what you mean, why wouldn’t it work on a phone… it’s a website
i guess if it’s a low spec phone that cannot handle websites / browser isn’t set to access regular websites but only mobile versions… then maybe it wouldn’t load…

please elaborate.

Well, I didn’t mention a phone anywhere. xD

Talking about people: Apple users like everything to look nice and “designed that way” and not be complicated, Android users like to have as many options/be as flexible as possible, polish isn’t a priority, hence having opening a website and seeing incorrect values and then values subsequently changing while it is already open would be a disgrace for an Apple user, it’s like running a computer without the case being closed.

Disclaimer: I’m generalizing/being stereotypical here.


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