Changelog v1.43.1

For Storagenodes

Email Alerts with Grafana
Missing in this release is a storage node code change to unlock all email alerts but if you set up Grafana now you can get at least some useful email alerts out of it. For some of you, it might also be a little challenging to set up Grafana. Maybe start now and get some practice in advance.

For Customers

New Satellite UI File Browser
We have worked on a new version of the file browser for a long time now. It was deployed last week on all satellites. It contains a few usability improvements.

New Satellite UI Navigation
We redesigned the satellite UI navigation. Instead of 2 navigations, we combined them into one single navigation. The new navigation should be easier to use.

Change Free Tier
Instead of 3 times 50 GB, the free tier is now 1 project with 150 GB. This limit change only affects new accounts.

New Object Flow
We have a new object flow for the file browser. It moves the encryption key one page back. Without entering your encryption key you will be able to see the bucket list. The encryption key will be requested if you open one of the buckets. We haven’t enabled this feature on the production satellites but it is enabled on the QA satellite. If you have a moment please try it out on the QA satellite and give us feedback: Looking for feedback on buckets table in the GUI