Looking for feedback on buckets table in the GUI

Hey Everyone,

We are redesigning the project dashboard to display more statistical information and in the redesign, one of the things we are considering doing is removing the bucket table from the project dashboard page. In order to make it easy for users to see buckets, what we are considering doing is adjusting the object browser so that it does not ask you for an encryption passphrase right away instead what it would do is show you the buckets table and if the user selects on a specific bucket it will ask them to enter the encryption passphrase. We are able to do this because bucket names are unencrypted. The caveat with this approach is that now the only way for the user to see the buckets in the GUI is to use the object browser which uses the Gateway MT. This was not the case previously when we had a bucket’s table on the project dashboard because that bucket’s table was populated directly from the satellite DB. We wanted to ask how you all felt about this change and if you believe it to be an issue or not. Please give us your feedback and tell us what you think!


If anyone would like to get a live demo we have this deployed on the QA satellite. I can give you an invite link and you can check out the new file browser behavior yourself.


OK so the new GUI:
It looks stunting, Simple to use for beginners, everything is very well laied out.
The new file upload feature is amazing. it simplifies the file upload procedure in the web UI
The fact the interface was made even sleeker adds to the value for new users
over all experience is great with the simple and fast setup.

I cannot wait to see what is coming up soon.


Yes please, I’d like to check it out.

Under Billing->Payment method it says:

Your first 50GB are free. You will not be charged until you use more than 50GB.

Shouldn’t it be 150GB now?

Creating buckets it says:

Only lowercase alphanumeric characters are allowed.

But the truth is also that there is a limit on the maximum length:

Name must be not less than 3 and not more than 63 characters length

I suggest to state those requirements up front.

And maybe this one too:

Name must include only lowercase latin characters

Bucket name accepts “.” which results in:

The specified bucket is not valid.

error messsage.

Demo bucket cannot be deleted.

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It can be deleted. However, if you do not have any buckets, it will be created as soon as you visit the Objects app.

That is great feedback. Thank you @jammerdan

May I ask you how do you like the new file browser? I am concerned that it registers my access grant on gateway-mt before telling me about the security tradeoffs. What are your thoughts?

I think it is a bit more intuitive especially if you use a different encryption key for each bucket or even multiple key for the contents in a single bucket.


Thanks for your feedback, @jammerdan :wink:
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Thank you for the feedback @jammerdan! we will take this into account!