December 8, 2021: Payouts for the month of November are now complete

Hello! December payouts for November are complete.

We paid 693 unique wallet addresses on layer 1. All of these wallet addresses earned enough that the fee wasn’t more than 25% of the payout amount. There was no specific minimum payout threshold dollar amount but the lowest we paid was about $48. As a reminder, we are planning to further restrict this minimum payout threshold to 10% in the coming months.

We paid 1097 unique wallet addresses through zkSync. Everyone who opted into zkSync got a 10% bonus (and will again next month)! Thanks for participating in the future of Ethereum scaling with us! Across both layers, we paid 1784 unique addresses.

If you have a final balance less than ~$48 and have not opted into zkSync, we’ll hang on to your payment in case fees drop next month or you accrue more.

If you haven’t already, please go check out our SNO Payment FAQ.

Thanks everyone!


Thanks @jtolio.

Hmmm interesting there are 6 addresses which received both zkSync and L1 payments this month. I wonder if that was on purpose or some nodes were missed when they setup zkSync config.

Yeah, each month there are a couple. Unsure what’s going on there, but payment method is certainly a per-node configuration.

Seems like you contradict yourself in the same sentence. :slight_smile: They must have nodes with as well as nodes without the zkSync payout option set.

Probably just people trying it out on one of their smaller nodes to get a feel for it before switching over completely. I considered doing this, but in the end figured I would almost certainly switch anyway, so why not go all in right away.


Heh, I just mean, I don’t know the motivations of why someone would do this, but the underpinning certainly is that there are multiple nodes with different payout configuration sharing a wallet address, yes.


One of this example was me last month. I have two nodes. The first one is over a year old now, I kept it on L1. On the other hand, I wanted to try out the zksync method as well, so my second node was set with it.
Unfortunatelly 48USD is still too high for that single node, so I decided to change the first one to zksync as well.

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Its people who want to test zksync which I was one of them to see if zksync is viable solution which it isnt right now so my storj will sit on L2 till there is a better way to use zksync.

Me too! I tried the configuration for zksync on a couple of nodes then did the rest next month. Just from fear of breaking something

Good day sir! So with my node, only up and running for 2-3 months now, I’m sure my payments were held since they would have only been 30-50 cents per month, for November and December. QUESTION THOUGH! I guess I missed the part where one could OPT INTO zkSYNC, so am I still able to make some changes, if changes are even what i need to do, and opt-into zkSync now??

Okay, I asked the question way too fast! After reading the SNO Payment Mega FAQ, I found where I could opt-into zkSync. Regardless, I guess a question now, would change to… I am going to follow the guide on opting in, am I still able to do this? Or is there a window of time, for a signup, that has closed?

Oof, the payouts process started a few hours ago and already pulled the chosen settings for storage nodes. If you didn’t opt in by the time the payouts process started, you can opt in now and be ready for next month!


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